Congratulations to Kopijeli of Insignia Clan from Sun Server, our June Hero of the month!

IGN: Kopijeli
Clan: Insignia
Level: 103
Class: Yu Ling
Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing PW since serpent server but it wasn’t until 2018 when I started to put more heart into playing this game. I think what I like about PW is how easy you can gain friends, and really, playing with new-found friends, and even old PW friends but with new IGNs is the best way to enjoy this game. Entertainment and best in-game experience is PW’s strength and core, and that’s worth recommending to anyone.

Why you should pick me: 
Based on the feedbacks I’ve heard, what my clanmates really liked about me is how helpful I am in-game. It doesn’t really make me unique, but for me, it’s the epitome of being a hero, not just for a month but for a player’s whole experience in-game. 🙂