Windy Vale Wedding Guide



Enter the Wedding Waiting Room at the Matchmaker in Dragon City West.

Right-click your Couple’s Card (or guest invitation) at assigned event time.

After you enter the chapel go to NPC Matchmaker Zhang and take the quest:
The bride and groom will purchase their Ribbon/Corsage for 67,000 Yuan, each which will give them a 3 day limited time wedding fashion.
The guests will buy their Guest’s Ribbon for 20,000 Yuan.

Male: Receive Groom’s Ribbon And receive a Groom’s Ribbon
Female: Receive Groom’s Ribbon And receive a Bride’s Corsage
Guest: Recieve Guest’s Ribbon (Guests must take the guest ribbon from Matchmaker Zhang and contribute at least 100 contribution points to receive their gift).

The Groom can now buy decorations for your wedding :

Handmaiden 8,880,000 Yuan
Golden Pig Feast 6,880,000 Yuan
Lucky Fish Feast   6,880,000 Yuan
Colorful Fowl Feast  6,880,000 Yuan
Golden Boy and Jade Girl  6,880,000 Yuan

To Proceed with the wedding, the groom should take the “Begin the Wedding” Quest from Matchmaker Zhang

“Today two lives will be forever changed. The wedding has begun.” The Groom will complete his quests and the Bride will be freed”

The groom will take the quests Get the Bride (Kill 3 Separation) and Win the Bride (Kill 3 Abandonment).
to get his bride back, he and the guests should submit a total of 30 quest based on their character’s gender.
Each time someone turns in a quest it will count as one point.

The guests should take the quests available from Matchmaker Zhang,
Block the Doors (Kill 3 Separation)
Defend the Bride (Kill 3 Abandonment). 

Once freed, the Bride can now take her quests:
Gathering Fortune (Gather 9 Asarum Ginger)
Fostering Love (Gather 9 Herbal Orchid)

While the Guests can get the quests:
One’s Own Fortune – Gather 9 Nepeta Mustard
Crazy For Love – Gather 9 Xanthium Burweed
Grasp One’s Fortune – Gather 9 Perilla Basil

The Bride must submit the quest Wedding Witness Grandpa Yu to continue.

Gaining Contribution Points:
–  The guests can now summon mini boss to add 3k Contribution each to your wedding
Lucky Fish Feast 7,880,000 Yuan to Summon Flowerless
Golden Pig Feast 7,880,000 Yuan to Summon Charm
Colorful Fowl Feast 7,880,000 Yuan to Summon Sentiment (Immune to Physical Damage).
Note: DO NOT SPAM the table feast quest, you can only summon one of each boss until it is killed.

–  Guests can also repeat the quests available from Matchmaker Zhang to gain contribution points.
– There are some quest available from Matchmaker Zhang that

The combined contribution must reach:
30,000 Contribution Points for Third Prize,
60,000 Contribution Points for Second Prize
100,000 Contribution Points for First Prize