Chapel Wedding Guide

Enter the Wedding Waiting Room at the Matchmaker in Dragon City West.

Right-click your Couple’s Card (or guest invitation) at assigned event time.

After you enter the chapel go to NPC Alessandro Brown and take the quest:

Male: Receive Groom’s Ribbon And receive a Groom’s Ribbon
Female: Receive Groom’s Ribbon And receive a Bride’s Corsage
Guest: Recieve Guest’s Ribbon

The Groom can now buy decorations for your wedding :

Wedding Cake 18,880,000 Yuan
Angelic Choir  6,880,000 Yuan
Flowers – Altar Left 1,880,000 Yuan
Flowers – Altar Right 1,880,000 Yuan
Rays of Light –  6,880,000 Yuan
Flowers – Door Left 1,880,000 Yuan
Flowers – Door Right 1,880,000 Yuan
Romantic Arches – 6,880,800 Yuan
A Shower of Petals – 6,880,000 Yuan
Guardsmen of Honor – 6,880,000 Yuan
Champagne – 18,880,000 Yuan
Welcome Baskets – 6,880,000 Yuan

To proceed with the wedding the groom should take the “Begin the celebration” quest from Alessandro Brown NPC.
Wait 3min. to move to the next phase which is the exchange of Oaths.

Brother Golden Dragon will spawn right after the oath, finish mobbings then continue to exchange rings Quest.

2 items will spawn at the stage Ring Chest (Male) and Ring Chest (Female)

The Groom will dig the Ring Chest (Female)
The Bride will dig the Ring Chest (Male)

Then trade it with your partner.

The bouquet toss Quest is now available for the bride.
Once taken there will be flowers spawning at the chapel giving random items with corresponding contribution points.

You can now summon Brother Golden Dragon which drops
Milk Candy

or Dig the Bouquets for contributions.
(It is advisable to have many guest so there will be at least one player per bouquet spawn point. To maximize spawn rate and contribution gathering)
True Bouquet 500 Contribution Points
The Bouquet Toss 50 Contribution Points
Bouquet Ribbon 30 Contribution Points

The combined contribution must reach:
30,000 Contribution Points for Third Prize,
60,000 Contribution Points for Second Prize
100,000 Contribution Points for First Prize