The Lost Ancestor: Dusk Palace Chapter 4

New Dungeon

A thousand years ago, the once-powerful Dusk Empire fell in the wake of the destruction of an ancient demon released from imprisonment.  The tragedy left only one survivor of the royal bloodline: The Moonlight Princess, who has recently returned from exile to oversee the ruins of the Dusk Palace.  She now seeks out powerful warriors to aid her in fighting a new evil that threatens the last remnants of an era she once called home.

Chapter 4 – Part 1

  • LV100+ and Shifting Sky I+ characters may speak with Wu Tianzhen in Sunset Town (126,591) to receive the Journey of Adventure quest.  Complete it to get 5 Moon Ode Orders, which are required to enter Dusk Palace: Chapter 4.
  • Characters that meet the entry requirements may also use Stone of Dreamland of Dusk Palace to enter the instance directly.
  • Players may receive 1 Moon Ode Order (bound) once a day from the Streams Order Envoy at the instance entrance or Ticket Master Lu Tong in the Clan HQ.  Moon Ode Orders expire after 24 hours upon receiving them.
  • Sealed Moon Ode Orders may also be obtained from killing Dusk Wraiths.
    • Sealed Moon Ode Orders are tradable versions of Moon Ode Orders that do not expire.  They become bound upon use in inventory and will expire after 24 hours.
    • Dusk Wraiths spawn outside the instance entrance every day between 16:00 and 22:00 server time.  Larger amounts of them will spawn at 20:00 every day.  If enough are killed, a giant Wraith Golem will spawn.  Kill it to get a lot of Sealed Moon Ode Orders.

Dungeon Preview

BOSS: Dusk Emperor Tsang

The revived Twilight Emperor has lost all his humanity and gained new unnatural power. The Twilight Emperor will be waiting in the Twilight Throne Room. He has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage he takes for a short time.

The Twilight Emperor will deal high damage to classes that are not Yao Shou, so it is advised to have a Yao Shou tank the boss. Every 20 seconds, the Twilight Emperor will stun all nearby players and reset aggro, which will likely cause the boss to change targets. Every 45 seconds, the boss will also cast a debuff that reduces the Party’s attack by 20% for 30 seconds. When the Emperor’s HP is lower than 50%, this debuff will be enhanced.

The boss will also summon three Bloodthirst Zombies which will chase random players; the targeted players will see a red eye symbol above their head. The targeted players should run from the Bloodthirst Zombies to avoid being hit or they will take critical damage. A zombie will disappear once its targeted player dies. Note that these zombies can still chase players and kill them even after the Emperor is dead.

Once the Twilight Emperor is dead, the Princess of Moonlight will guide the players to the next part of the dungeon.

Bonecrusher Cloister

An area south of the Twilight Throne Room. Players will be required to work together to navigate a maze of serpentine corridors while in stealth.

The party leader can talk to the Princess of Moonlight to receive a party buff that will put all players in stealth. The area of effect of the stealth buff is indicated by a blue circle on the ground. The center of the buff will be given to a random party member for 20 seconds. The player that becomes the center of the stealth buff will be engulfed in light. After 20 seconds, the buff will transfer to another player for 20 seconds. This process will be repeated until all party members have been the center of the buff at least once, leaving players with only a short time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds to reach their destination. If a player who has not been the center of the buff dies during this part of the dungeon, it will reduce the total time that the party is placed in stealth.

If a player leaves the stealth circle, they will become visible and are likely to be killed instantly by the nearby monsters. If three or more players are killed, this phase will automatically fail causing every party member to die. If the party fails, the party leader can begin the trial again from the Princess of Moonlight.

While navigating through the Bonecrusher Cloister, players will encounter Revived Mirage Guards. These guards do not move and have a large circle of range around them but will not see stealthed players unless they get very close to them. Players will also encounter patrolling Soulbanish Observers which move around. These monsters are capable of spotting stealthed players if anyone steps in their range, which is indicated by a purple circle around them. If this happens, Soulbanish Observers will kill everyone. Players will also have to avoid the Ghost Claws that spawn from the floor in corridors. If a player is hit by a Ghost Claw, it will deal damage to them and another one will spawn. If not careful, this can easily lead to being overwhelmed by them. A common strategy to overcoming this trial is for the party members to put the party leader or an experienced player on follow to make sure everyone stays close to each other and follows the correct path.

Revived Reaper

The players will eventually reach a room where they will find the Revived Reaper, which they have to kill in order to proceed. This is a mini-boss and it has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage he takes for a short time. The Revived Reaper will summon monsters when he is attacked. Once engaged in combat, players are not allowed to leave until the Revived Reaper and his monsters are killed. Leaving the room and causing the monsters to reset (leave combat mode) will result in the trial automatically failing, and all players will be killed.

Periodically, the Revived Reaper will pull all players to him and follow up with a strong skill that deals a great amount of physical damage to all players within a fan-shaped area in front of it, reducing their HP by 60%. Ranged players should stand on the staircase away from the boss to avoid being pulled into the attack.

When the Revived Reaper dies, the Bonecrusher Cloister phase will end and all monsters throughout the cloister will disappear. Players that died during the stealth trial can now revive and safely travel through the cloister. The Princess of Moonlight will also activate a shortcut so players won’t have to go through the corridors again. The shortcut is found in the room after the Twilight Emperor and goes all the way to the room after the Revived Reaper.

In the room after the Revived Reaper, there is a chest that contains Twilight Souls and Twilight Repair Powders.

BOSS: Minister Tsu

The Princess of Moonlight will guide the players to the Library, located north of the Bonecrusher Cloister, to find the Twilight Minister. The Library is also where players can find the Book of the Dead for their Expedition questline.

The revived Minister Tsu is manipulated by an unknown power. She will gradually regain her own consciousness, reducing her threat to players. Maybe there is a way to save her?

When fighting the Twilight Minister you have the option to kill her or save her which affects the type of chest she drops. If you choose to kill her, she will drop a Slumbering Secret Hoard which does not include her gold material required for the Twilight Warsoul boots. If you choose to save her instead, she will drop an Awakened Secret Hoard instead which includes slightly more items and the chance of dropping her gold material.

The Twilight Minister has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage she takes for a short time. She will deal high damage to classes that are not Yao Shou and occasionally do a cone-shaped attack that kills any non-Yao Shou, so it is advised to have a Yao Shou tank the boss.

Periodically, she will put all players nearby to sleep for 20 seconds. The Sleep effect can be purified or removed when players are attacked through the various skills the boss has. Ghost Claws will commonly spawn under players shortly after they have been put to sleep. It is advised to use anti-stun skills or have the Faith Genie skill in the event that Ghost Claws appear under the player while slept. Hun Ling should use their Ex Vital Bloom with an Ethereal Glyph to purify the party.

While fighting the Twilight Minister, a yellow area covering the north, south, or central area will appear that players should avoid. After 3 seconds a Gigantic Monstrous Claw will appear from the wall in the yellow area and constantly attack for 15 seconds, dealing damage equal to 20% of a player’s maximum HP. Ghost Claws will lurk underground, striking 3 seconds after their red circles appear on the ground, dealing damage equal to 40% of the player’s maximum HP. This attack can wake up sleeping players. If a Ghost Claw hits a player, an additional group of Ghost Claws will spawn. If not careful, players might quickly become overwhelmed by them.

If you choose to not save the Twilight Minister, the party can kill her as normal. As she loses health she will stop using certain attacks on the party. Once she is below 3 million health she will become immune and stop attacking players altogether. She will eventually die and drop the Slumbering Secret Hoard.

Saving Twilight Minister

To save the Twilight Minister, it is recommended to have a Yao Shou hold the boss for the duration of the fight. Optionally you can also have 1 or 2 party members stay behind so the boss does not reset if the Yao Shou dies before the end of the battle. The Twilight Minister will use the same mechanics listed above for the duration of the fight, though party members will only mainly have to deal with Ghost Claws constantly spawning.

On the west side of the room are 3 closed doors. The Yao Shou should pull the Minister to one of these doors and have her facing it. Eventually, she will use her cone-shaped attack which is lethal to non-Yao Shou and if the door is in range, the Minister will crack it. Once she hits the door a second time with the cone-ranged attack the door will open and the party will unlock the secret mode which can save the Minister. The Twilight Minister will be immune to all damage from this point onward and will continue to spawn Ghost Claws and attack areas in the main room, so the Yao Shou should stay behind in the main room and work on breaking the other 2 doors while the rest of the party works on the enemies inside the library.

As each door is broken an enemy will spawn in the room behind the door. Each one has 16.38 million health and can only be attacked from a maximum range of 8 meters so players will need to stand close to them. Each enemy also has a special effect which players must avoid to avoid dying or taking damage:

  • The south room will spawn Into the Gate: Entropy. It will occasionally use a cone-shaped attack that kills any player standing in it. Avoid the cone.
  • The central room will spawn Into the Gate: Vane. It will spawn beetles with purple circles on the ground that move around and deal large damage to players. Avoid the beetles.
  • The north room will spawn Into the Gate: Burst. It will spawn a large purple circle on the ground within the 8 meter attack range that eventually explodes. Move out of the area when it spawns.

Once all 3 enemies have been killed, the Twilight Minister will be free from manipulation and will disappear. An Awakened Secret Hoard will spawn which has a chance of containing her gold material.

BOSS: Illusion Lord Armageddon

Once the Twilight Minister has been killed, the Princess of Moonlight will note that Minister Tsu run away. If she was saved instead, the Princess will say nothing. After this, she will guide the players to the Twilight Hall where they will encounter the Illusion Lord. The Twilight Hall is surrounded by enemies that will not attack players. It is safe to approach the Illusion Lord as the barrier that would previously kill players has been removed.

The Illusion Lord has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage she takes for a short time. Periodically, she will debuff players around a randomly chosen target with a debuff that burns Mana at a fast rate. This debuff can be purified. A few seconds later the boss will instantly kill any players that have less than 50% Mana, so it is recommended to purify the skill quickly or use a Spirit Charm (MP Charm). Occasionally, the Illusion Lord will target a random player and kill them instantly after a short period of time.

When the Illusion Lord has less than 50% HP, she will disappear and start the Illusion Matrix which traps all players inside a small room surrounded by four Celestial Illusions. These Celestial Illusions have a deadly attack that will instantly kill all players caught in their path. They will attack in the direction they are facing either to the left, the right, or in the center. Celestial Illusions that have been already killed may still perform this deadly attack.

The attack of the Celestial Illusions is indicated by pillars that appear on the walls if it is to their left or right. When the Celestial Illusion glows, it indicates the path of her attack will be through the center of the room. A purple light will appear on the floor when the attack is launched. At first only one Celestial Illusion will attack at a time, though this will increase to two Celestial Illusions and eventually all four will attack. The area that they attack is random; when all four attack they may attack everywhere but the middle, everywhere but the corners, or in random places so players must watch out for pillars or glowing light at all times.

Players need to kill all four Celestial Illusions as fast as possible in other to avoid these deadly attacks and escape the Illusion Matrix. Once all Celestial Illusions have been killed, they will disappear and the Illusion Lord will appear again and can be killed. Once she is killed, an Illusion Lord Hoard will drop.

Desolate Meadow

The statues of the Desolate Meadow and the Wheel of Fate.

Upon killing the Illusion Lord the statue of the Twilight Hall will appear, emitting a trail of light guiding players to the east to an area connected to the Twilight Temple. The Desolate Meadow is a hidden area connected to the underworld. Just beyond the entrance, players will find a mini-boss called Shengjie’s Spiritual Armor. It is a set of armor possessed by General Wurlord’s spirit and guards the path to the Desolate Meadow. The mini-boss is not very strong but it has the ability to summon multiple clones of itself, similar to General Wurlord in other modes of Twilight Temple.

Past the mini-boss is an area with lava that can kill players if they fall into it. Players can get to the next room by standing in the pink light at the entrance to this room. They will eventually be launched through the air to the entrance to the Desolate Meadow. On rare occasions, players may be launched into the lava which will instantly kill them. There is no way to get back to the main parts of Twilight Temple once passing this point unless players jump into the lava and die.

Further ahead, small parts of the ground will raise up and can damage players so they should be careful to avoid these. Ahead they will encounter the Dark Colluseast and the Soulripper. These mini-bosses cannot be individually lured as they will both eventually attack the party.

Periodically, the Dark Colluseast will spit magma in a fan-shaped area in front of it dealing constant fire damage. Any player that is caught up in the Soulripper’s attack while suffering from fire damage will die instantly. Similarly, the Soulripper will periodically attack with an icy rain in an area within 10 meters causing players to receive constant water damage. Any player that is caught up in the Dark Colluseast’s attack while suffering from water damage will die instantly. The party should split in two and fight the two beasts separately, making sure that the two of them are never close to each other.

Lethal Vengeance

After defeating the two beasts guarding the Wheel of Fate, any player in the party can talk to the Princess of Moonlight and take her quest to eventually spawn the final boss, Ancient Demon Lethal Vengeance. He has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage he takes for a short time. Periodically, the Lethal Vengeance will attack all players within a large range and interrupt their channeling. He will also target a random player, dealing damage while inflicting a bleeding effect.

The Lethal Vengeance will summon White Cloak Archers throughout the battle who will constantly attack players in the battlefield. These Archers are invincible; they cannot be targeted or killed. Additionally, the boss will summon Demonic Flames and Demonic Tornadoes. These will appear on one melee player and two ranged players at random. Demonic Flames are red circles that will instantly kill any players that stand in them, while Demonic Tornadoes are blue circles that will pull players into the center of them if they stand in them.

As the battle goes on, this Ancient Demon, as well as the creatures it summoned, will become stronger and stronger. In the meantime, the Wheel of Fate will bless all players inside its effect range, increasing the damage they deal by 50% once per 10 seconds. The players can gain 10 layers of this effect, while the demons can get up to 50 layers.

The Lethal Vengeance has a lot of HP and the battle will be long, but players can use the power of the Wheel of Fate to rewind the time back to when the battle first started. In order to activate the Wheel of Fate, a player will have to run to it and dig it. The effect of rewinding will activate immediately after it is dug. Using the Wheel of Fate to rewind time will cause all Demonic circles and White Cloak Archers to disappear, and Lethal Vengeance’s HP will be not restored giving players a better chance to kill him. When rewinding back time, any player that had died will be resurrected with buffs and full chi, and players will be standing where they originally stood at the beginning of the fight. The Wheel of Fate can be used up to 3 times before disappearing.

After Ancient Demon Lethal Vengeance dies, Master Thief Inna Woo will spawn and can sell players a maximum of 10 Caskets of Innocence for 10 gold each. Players can leave the dungeon through Tsuan who spawns alongside Inna Woo.

Chapter 4 – Part 2

  • This instance shares the same entrance ticket as Dusk Palace: Chapter 4 – Part 1. Players who have reached Reawakening II LV100 and Shifting Sky I can use the ticket Moon Ode Order to choose to either enter Part 1 or Part 2.
  • The Team leader can visit the Dusk Palace: Chapter 4 and select Part 2 to enter it.
  • Process:
  • This instance is not a single linear process. Besides the boss monsters Illusion Nemen, Princess of Moonlight, and Chungyun, players also need to choose one from the two groups of boss monsters: Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing, or Prince Chongming and Yen Longwind, and defeat them.
  • Different boss monsters yield different loot. Players can choose to challenge the boss monsters that yield the items they need.
  • When fighting the final boss Princess of Moonlight, there is a hidden phase that players can trigger. The result of the challenge determines the final rewards.
  • (In the current build, only Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing can be selected to challenge. The other group, Yen Longwind, and Prince Chongming will be added in future updates.)
  • Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set upgrade materials, Sacred Spirit, and Moonlight Crystal can be looted from this instance.
  • Moonlight Crystal: It can be looted from the final boss Princess of Moonlight, and can be fused into a Dusk Soul with a Lunar Phase to boost the Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set’s attributes to the max.

Crimson Palace

Once the dungeon has been activated by the party leader, players can talk to the pillar inside the starting room to teleport to the Desolate Meadow, where Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1 ends. Once all players are in the Desolate Meadow, the party leader can talk to Tsuan to start the dungeon. She will guide players through to the first room, along the fallen tree bridge, and through the waterfall into the second room which has swiping skeletal hands that players should avoid.

This second room is guarded by a Mad Sword Guardian as well as White Cloak Bladesmen and White Cloak Archers. The White Cloak Archers can purge players. As each White Cloak is killed, the remaining ones throughout the rest of the dungeon will get stronger. The Mad Sword Guardian will jump to players at random, leaving black rune traps on the ground as he lands, which players must avoid.

After clearing the room, players will be able to continue through and will be taken outside to the Cloud Abode. Continue forward to find more White Cloaks and a Lehron. The Lehron can heal itself using its physical attacks and will debuff a random player with a physical Damage-over-Time (DoT) skill. After clearing the monsters, continue along the path to reach the Crimson Palace, where the Illusion Nemen can be found up on the platform.

Illusion Nemen

The Illusion Nemen and her Aqua Fiend.

Based on her morphology, the Illusion Nemen has an ancient deity or demon lineage. No one knows when or where it has firstly showed up. She always strikes on the back of a dragon, whose five heads represent an omen for total destruction. She has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage she takes for a short time. The Illusion Nemen can kill characters that are not Yao Shou, so it is advised to have a Yao Shou tank the boss. The boss has two different phases, and players will experience both phases twice during the battle.

First Phase

In the Illusion Nemen’s first phase, she will have a buff that makes her immune to debuffs which cannot be removed until she enters her second phase. When beginning the fight, it is recommended to have only the tank attacking the boss at first as players must prevent her from activating a shield before she goes into her second phase. This must be done both times that the boss is in her first phase.

The Illusion Nemen will constantly attack using a blue frontal cone-shaped AoE which kills non-Yao Shou. At random, the Illusion Nemen will also teleport a player into a nearby lake which will deal constant damage, so the player must move out of this pool quickly. Shifting Fireflies will spawn in the air which can be killed to spawn dark green Stagnant Puddles on the ground. Players should not step in these puddles or they will take constant damage.

The player tanking the boss should position the boss so that her cone-shaped attack hits the puddles and absorbs them. Once the Illusion Nemen has absorbed 9 of these puddles, she will not be able to activate the shield in her second phase. The rest of the players do not need to keep killing the Shifting Fireflies and can begin to focus on attacking the boss.

At 95% and 45% health, the Illusion Nemen will enter her second phase and transform into an Aqua Fiend. When she goes into her first phase for the second time at 50% health, players will need to repeat the previous steps to prevent her from activating her shield before she goes into her second phase again.

Second Phase

The Illusion Nemen will enter her second phase at 95% and 45% health. She will no longer be immune to debuffs, so players will be able to deal a lot more damage to her. The boss will have a buff preventing her from being killed, which will not be removed until the second time she enters this phase at 45% health. If the party did not force her to absorb enough Stagnant Puddles in her first phase, she will have a fog barrier on her which reduces the damage she takes.

The Illusion Nemen will constantly use a Tail Sweep attack that kills players from behind, so the majority of the party should focus on standing on either side of her. In this phase, non-Yao Shou can tank the boss from the front but need to be fairly tanky to survive her attacks. She will also attack with an AoE which interrupts nearby players’ channelling. She will also spit a constant cone of water at the tank for several seconds, spawning puddles on the target’s location with each hit. These puddles will deal constant damage to anyone who stands in them.

Once the Illusion Nemen reaches around 50% health or less, she will knock players in the air and then backwards. She will then revert back to her first phase with 50% health and be immune for a short time. Her skill damage will also be increased by 50%. Players should wait until she has the debuff immunity back on her before damaging her or she may gain the buff during her second phase, making her tedious to kill.

When the Illusion Nemen enters her second phase for the second time, she can be killed and won’t go back into her first phase again.

Cloudshimmer Tower

Ien the Arbor and Tsuan fighting each other.

The Cloudshimmer Tower is the central part of the dungeon that allows access to the other floating islands. After killing the Illusion Nemen, players can go along the northwest path (not the path they came from). Along the way they will find more White Cloaks and Lehrons to kill. Once the player reaches Cloudshimmer Tower, they will find Tsuan fighting with her mother, Ien the Arbor. Multiple Inner Demons will also be found here, which players must kill to free Ien the Arbor. When the Inner Demons reach below 30% health they will explode, dealing deadly damage to nearby players. When enough of these Inner Demons have been killed, Ien the Arbor will transform into Tainted Ien, a mini-boss.

Tainted Ien can attack in a straight line in front of her, dealing damage to players and converting the damage into health for herself. She will also use an AoE that damages nearby players and gets stronger the lower her health is. Players should avoid standing in front of her and work to kill her quickly to prevent her from healing up or killing players when she is at low health.

When Tainted Ien is defeated, she will turn back into Ien the Arbor, this time as an NPC. The party leader can then choose the Hall of Redemption or the Hall of Cultivation quest from Ien to unlock access to them. The Hall of Redemption contains the boss Feather Lord, and the Hall of Cultivation contains the bosses Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing. Currently, players are not able to access the Hall of Absolution or the Hall of Domination, but will be able to in a future update.

After the party has defeated the bosses from both the Hall of Redemption and the Hall of Cultivation, Ien the Arbor will be able to unlock access to the Hall of Separation, where the final bosses can be found.

Hall of Redemption 

Once the party leader has taken the Hall of Redemption quest from Ien the Arbor, she will move and reveal a path on the northern side of Cloudshimmer Tower which will lead players to the Hall of Redemption. Players should be careful to not fall while crossing along the path. If you do fall you will be teleported back to Cloudshimmer Tower. The path will continue to reveal itself as players reach a small floating island which will take them to the Hall of Redemption. Go through the gate and up the stairs to find the Feather Lord, the main boss of the Hall of Redemption.

Feather Lord

The King of the Longwyr, one of the four ancient Elven nations. The Feather Lord was revered by the elves as a paragon of elven mighty. She has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing the boss to reduce the damage she takes for a short time. The party should have a Yao Jing available for purging, as well as players with interrupting skills and fast attackers.

At the beginning of the battle, the Feather Lord will teleport nearby and cast a shield on herself and begin to channel Guided Aim (also known as Take Aim). She will only take 1 damage at this time and cannot be interrupted. Players can remove this shield by hitting her 40 times, which can be done quickly with players using Attacks-Per-Second (APS) equipment. Once the shield has been removed, players can use interrupting skills to stop her channelling of Guided Aim. If players do not interrupt her in time, she will kill all players in front of her with her Guided Aim. She will use this tactic several times throughout the battle.

On occasion, an on-screen message will appear mentioning Thunder Shock and Ironheart Blessing. The Feather Lord will buff herself with Ironheart Blessing (a green buff icon) which Yao Jing must purge as soon as possible. With the Ironheart Blessing buff on, the boss will gradually heal as players attack her, quickly bringing her to full health if players do not pay attention. At the same time, the player mentioned in the on-screen message will be debuffed with a metal Damage-over-Time (DoT) skill. When this DoT is purified or expires, the player will become the target of 3 Thunder Shock attacks, each larger than the last. These attacks are dark rings that are eventually struck with lightning, killing any players standing in them. The player mentioned in the on-screen message should move far away from the rest of the party to prevent killing them.

The Feather Lord will eventually teleport, cast a shield on herself and begin to channel Blessing of Immortality which must be interrupted or she will fully heal herself and take 10% less damage for the rest of the battle. Again, players must hit the boss 40 times to remove the shield before they can interrupt her channelling. Once players successfully interrupt her channelling, she will teleport again and begin her Rain of Feathery Death phase.

During the Rain of Feathery Death phase, the boss will gain 8 layers of a thunder shield buff which must be removed in a different way to the other shields. The thunder shield needs to be removed within 90 seconds. Purple horses will constantly spawn during this phase and charge players, dealing damage and stunning any players they hit.

10 dark circles will appear on the ground and arrows will slowly fall down towards these circles. At least one player must stand in each circle to “catch” the arrows. If an arrow pierces the ground with no player to “catch” it, the party will take damage equal to 80% of their health, which can be quickly fatal. If the player “catches” an arrow successfully, a Feathershock Arrow will appear on the ground which can be dug. Players should move to other circles after “catching” arrows until all 10 have been accounted for.

To remove the thunder shield, players must dig the Feathershock Arrows and use them on the boss by right-clicking them in your inventory or in the on-screen prompt. This will remove a layer of her thunder shield. Once all 8 layers of the thunder shield have been removed, the Feather Lord will no longer be able to cast her Rain of Feathery Death skill, and will begin to fight normally again. This phase can repeat multiple times throughout the battle but will only be triggered when interrupting the boss’s Blessing of Immortality skill.

Once the boss dies, head through the gateway from where you came, and you will find a blue portal nearby next to the floating path. Go into the portal to return to Cloudshimmer Tower, where the party leader can talk to Ien the Arbor again to unlock access to the Hall of Cultivation, or the Hall of Separation if they have completed it already.

Hall of Cultivation

Once the party leader has taken the Hall of Cultivation quest from Ien the Arbor, she will move and reveal a bridge on the southeastern side of Cloudshimmer Tower which will lead players to the Hall of Cultivation. Go along the bridge and up the stairs on the next island to find the next two bosses, Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing.

Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing

Yi the Earthquake. He is immune to elemental damage.

Yi the Mighty Wing. He is immune to physical damage.

Yi the Earthquake is the King of Arwyr, one of the four Elven nations, and the uncle of Yi the Mighty Wing, who is the King of Honwyr, another one of the four ancient Elven nations. The party should have both physical and magic classes to damage the bosses, as well as characters with knockback or reel-in skills. Players will have to kill these bosses simultaneously as they both will attack at the same time, but you do not need to kill both bosses at the same time. When one boss dies, the surviving boss’s attack will be increased by 100%. It is recommended to kill Yi the Earthquake first.

Yi the Earthquake is immune to elemental damage, while Yi the Mighty Wing is immune to physical damage. The bosses must be separated from each other for the majority of the battle; if Yi the Mighty Wing enters Yi the Earthquake’s blue circle, they will begin to heal each other.

On occasion, Yi the Earthquake will cast a skill that debuffs all players with 1 stack of Mark of Thunder. If Mark of Thunder reaches 8 stacks it will kill players, but it cannot be purified using skills. At the same time, Yi the Mighty Wing will cast a Plume Shot skill, indicated by a purple circle on the ground. A Plume Shot arrow will appear on the ground where players have been hit by the attack. Attacking the Plume Shot arrow will spawn a Plume Shot – Thunder (a blue arrow), which will remove the Mark of Thunder debuff from nearby players. Players should ensure they are getting hit by the Plume Shot AoE so that other players can purify themselves.

Once one of the bosses reaches 60% and then 20% health, the Storm of Heavenly Thunder phase will begin. This phase will only happen twice during the battle. During this time, both bosses will become immune to all damage, and Yi the Earthquake will teleport into a golden circle on the middle of the battlefield. Players must bring Yi the Mighty Wing close to Yi the Earthquake so that his Plume Shot – Mighty Break gets interrupted. The bosses will not heal each other if they get close to one another during this phase. Plume Shot – Break (purple arrows) will appear on the ground. Players must bring these into Yi the Earthquake’s golden circle, either by knocking them back or by reeling them in. Once all of the arrows are in the circle, the bosses will be vulnerable again and the Storm of Heavenly Thunder phase will end. Separate the bosses again, as they will be able to heal each other again.

After the second phase has ended, Yi the Earthquake will begin spawning Thunder Shards. If they are not killed within 10 seconds, they will explode and inflict all players with 1 stack of Mark of Thunder. Multiple can spawn at a time, quickly becoming deadly.

Yi the Earthquake will occasionally spawn Thunder Pools on players with high threat, which deal damage if you stand in them. They will however protect players if Yi the Mighty Wing casts his lethal attack, Arrow from Heaven. These pools disappear and will no longer spawn after Yi the Earthquake dies. They also will not appear during the Storm of Heavenly Thunder phase.

Yi the Mighty Wing will occasionally use his lethal attack Arrow from Heaven, which can kill the entire party. A red on-screen message will appear when he is about to cast it. Players can stand in Yi the Earthquake’s Thunder Pools to avoid dying. If there are no Thunder Pools or if Yi the Earthquake is dead, players will have to rely on well-timed immunity skills and items to avoid dying. He will not cast this skill during the Storm of Heavenly Thunder phase.

Once both bosses have been killed, a Shining Elven Treasure will spawn which contains the drops for both bosses. Players can then return to Cloudshimmer Tower by going into the blue portal next to the bridge that they used to get to the island. The party leader can then talk to Ien to Arbor to unlock the Hall of Redemption, or the Hall of Separation if they have already completed it.

Hall of Separation

After players have defeated the bosses in the Hall of Redemption and the Hall of Cultivation, they will be able to activate the Hall of Separation. After the party leader takes the Hall of Separation quest from Ien the Arbor, she will move to reveal a path on the northeastern side of Cloudshimmer Tower which will lead players to the Hall of Separation. Along this path, Lehron and monsters from Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1 will appear and attack the players. Try to avoid having less than 35% health or you can be killed by the Revived Head Hunters.

Halfway along the path, on the small island, you will encounter more Part 1 monsters and more White Cloaks. Soulbanishers can paralyze players that stand within its blue rectangular attack range. Continue along the path and deal with Part 1 and Part 2 monsters that appear.

Once you reach the Hall of Separation, you will find the Princess of Moonlight there. Her and Chungyun are the final bosses of this dungeon.

Princess of Moonlight

The Princess of Moonlight is the daughter of Emperor Tsang, and the most beautiful woman on the Western Continent. She has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing her to reduce the damage she takes for a short time.

At first, players will have to battle the Princess of Moonlight. Once she reaches low health she will summon Chungyun to fight for her, who is much more difficult in comparison. The Princess of Moonlight only has a few different tactics, most of which only occur before she summons Chungyun.

During the battle with the Princess of Moonlight, an on-screen message will appear stating that a certain player has been linked to another player. There will be a red link between these two players. The player that is mentioned in the on-screen message will take constant damage, and will kill the player they are linked to if they die. The two players can run away from each other to break the link. The Princess of Moonlight will stop using this skill when Chungyun appears.

Before Chungyun appears, the Princess of Moonlight will also use a red cone-shaped AoE which players must avoid. A Blood Paper Crane will spawn on the location of any players that were hit by the AoE, and multiple can spawn at a time. If the boss’s red cone-shaped AoE then hits these Blood Paper Cranes, it will deal lethal damage to players, and the crane will turn into a Bloodsoaked Phoenix which will attack players for the rest of the battle. The boss will stop using this attack once Chungyun appears.

Throughout the entirety of the battle, even when Chungyun appears, the Princess of Moonlight will cast Heart String Burst on a random player. The player will see a blood circle underneath them. Other players must avoid standing in this circle; if the afflicted player is healed, they will deal damage to all other players standing within their circle equal to the amount they were healed for. In many cases, this will cause players to die.

Once the Princess of Moonlight is in low health she will become immune to damage and summon Chungyun. At this point she will constantly support Chungyun, healing him over time and reducing the damage he can take.


Chungyun was a favored general under the command of Minister Tsu who fell in love with the Princess of Moonlight. He has a passive skill that is triggered when taking damage from auto-attacks causing him to reduce the damage he takes for a short time. He is also Tough, making him harder to kill. He will appear once the Princess of Moonlight is in low health.

Chungyun is immune to taunt skills, so players will not be able to aggro him as normal. Players must try to kill him within 5 minutes, or he will greatly increase his attack. During the battle, his attack will also gradually increase with each hit but will reset if a player dies. The Princess of Moonlight will also be healing him constantly and buffing him with increased defense.

If Chungyun is too far away from his target, he may swap targets or use 1 of 2 skills instead. If he doesn’t swap targets, he may charge the target, hitting them and reducing their movement speed. If he doesn’t charge the target, he will instead leap at them, smashing down and dealing damage to all players within 10 meters.

If Chungyun’s target is in melee range, he may randomly attack with a frontal cone-shaped AoE several times, dealing high amounts of damage to all players within the attack’s range. If Chungyun has spent a while attacking the same target, he will cast a skill that knocks back all players near the target.

If there are players standing behind Chungyun, he will sense this and use a 90-degree AoE behind him, knocking players back and dealing a high amount of bleed damage.

Once Chungyun is in low health, the Princess of Moonlight will begin to put on the Golden Mask and the screen will turn black. When the screen turns back to normal, players will have been teleported to an island where they will face the true final boss, the Frenzied Princess of Moonlight. Chungyun can be seen kneeling to one side of the island and will not fight.

Frenzied Princess of Moonlight

The Princess of Moonlight after putting on the Golden Mask.

The Frenzied Princess of Moonlight is the true final boss of this dungeon. Players will only have one chance to battle this boss. If all players die, the Frenzied Princess of Moonlight will disappear and you will only get a Dull Twilight Treasure. If players survive, they will succeed and see the ending to the Rhapsody of the Revived chapter. They will also receive a Shining Twilight Treasure instead, containing a Smoke Emerald Shard and the small chance of getting a Moonlight Crystal.

It is important to have a Yu Ling or Hun Ling to resurrect players during this battle to ensure that at least one player stays alive. Players should also spread out to avoid the multiple dangerous AoEs that occur during this battle. The island that the battle occurs on is made up of multiple platforms that can be destroyed during the battle.

A red on-screen message will appear stating that the Princess of Moonlight is about to cast Demonic Breath. A red circle will appear around her, with 5 red lines spanning outwards, dividing the island. If players stand anywhere in the red circle or lines, they will be killed. The AoE will then move in a clockwise direction and continue to hit several times, so players must continue to move clockwise while fighting the boss. Eventually, the AoE will disappear but will occur constantly throughout the fight.

On occasion, the Princess of Moonlight will summon a meteor to the platform with the most players standing on it. A red circle will appear on the ground which players must move from or they will die. A crack will appear on the platform after the meteor hits. If another meteor hits the same part of the island, the platform will be destroyed, making it more difficult for players to maneuver during the fight.

Toxicant Fiends will constantly spawn during the battle, which players must kill as soon as possible. They will slam the ground, inflicting players with a fire DoT for 15 seconds. The Princess of Moonlight will eventually absorb any living Toxicant Fiends, healing herself. She will use a cone-shaped AoE attack in the direction of the Toxicant Fiend that she is absorbing. If any players are caught in the AoE, they will take a massive amount of damage, will be inflicted with a 10-second fire DoT, and their movement speed will be reduced.

A Darkshock Fiend may also occasionally spawn, which will walk onto the island and then attack players. It has the Stampede stat, so it will deal larger amounts of damage to players that are not Yao Sho. This monster should be killed as soon as possible. It can use an AoE attack that deals massive damage to non-Yao Sho, inflicts them with a fire DoT, and slows their movement speed.

Eventually, when the Princess of Moonlight’s health is low and the battle has lasted long enough without all players dying, she will become immune and float up to the air, ending the battle. Chungyun, not wanting to see the world be destroyed, will stand up and throw his spear, impaling the Princess. He will leap up and catch her as she falls, bringing her to the ground. Chungyun will take the Princess of Moonlight’s body, still impaled with the spear, and impale himself with the same spear. He will embrace the Princess as their clothes turn from black to white and they both die. The Shining Twilight Treasure will then spawn.

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