Advance Chi

It allows your character to gain additional stats by unlocking vessels or Advance Chis. It is available to players level 40 and above.

The Advance Chi system can be accessed from your Inventory by pressing the B key and clicking the character figure in the equipment window.


The Advance Chi window.

Upon opening the Advance Chi window, the player will see an interface with several dimmed or fully lit orbs positioned around a meditating silhouette. Dimmed orbs are Advance Chis that have not been unlocked, and fully lit orbs are Advance Chis that have been unlocked. By default, no Advance Chis are unlocked; all orbs will be dimmed except one slightly lit orb. To the bottom-left of the window will be the amount of stats acquired as a reward for unlocking Advance Chis.

New Advance Chis are unlocked at every level above 40 up until level 100 where the level requirement stops increasing. There are a total of 80 Advance Chis that need to be unlocked to complete the Advance Chi system.

To attempt unlocking an Advance Chi, click on the slightly lit orb. Another window will pop up with a total of 48 unlit “gates”. To attempt unlocking an Advance Chi, the player will have to find a “Life Gate”, which is hidden within the gates. The player will have to click on one of the gates to attempt to reveal this Life Gate. If the gate clicked is incorrect, then the player will have uncovered a “Death Gate”, which will turn the gate red. If only 1 Life Gate needs to be found, then this will not reset the progress for unlocking the Advance Chi. If the button clicked is correct, then a Life Gate will be uncovered and this gate will turn yellow. Once the player is successful in unlocking the Advance Chi, the window will close, allowing them to proceed to the next Advance Chi.

At the beginning, there will be many Life Gates hidden within the gates. The further the player progresses however, the less Life Gates there will be. Eventually, as you complete the full circuit of the Advance Chis, you will be able to unlock the center Advance Chi, where 2 or even 3 Life Gates will have to be uncovered in a row; Death Gates will reset the progress for that Advance Chi and the player will have to start unlocking that Advance Chi from the beginning. There are four central Advance Chis – Flame, Dark, Frost, and Light.

Spectral Pills and Holy Pills can be bought from Vendor NPC or can be obtained through quests.


Maximum Advance Chi Bonus Stats
Wu Xia +1400 +280 0 +500 +400
Fa Shih +1000 +280 +280 +250 +600
Yao shou +1400 +320 0 +600 +400
Yao Jing +1000 +280 +280 +300 +550
Yu Mang +1200 +280 0 +350 +500
Yu Ling +1000 +280 +280 +300 +550
Xi Shou +1200 +210 0 +350 +500
Wu Shih +1000 +280 +280 +300 +550
Jian Ling +1400 +300 0 +500 +400
Hun Ling +1000 +300 +300 +300 +550
Ye Ying +1200 +280 0 +350 +500
Yu Xia +1000 +280 +280 +300 +550


Reference: gampedia
Translated by: CM Venus