War Avatar Cards

The War Avatar System is mainly based around the War Avatar Cards that the player equips.

In the War Avatar window there are 6 different slots that cards can be equipped to. Each slot represents a card type, each of which have different stat bonuses:

Destroyer: Physical + Magic Attack

Battle: Physical + Magic Attack

Longevity: Health + Physical Defense

Durability: Health + Magic Defense

Soulprime: ExRating

Lifeprime: ExRating

Stats for each card type are different for each class. When hovering over a card it will always display your class name and the base stats for your class even if someone else owns the card.

Each War Avatar Card has a card type which is one of the types mentioned above.

To check what card type a particular card has, the player can hover over the card itself and see its type underneath the card’s name in the tooltip. A card of a certain type should be equipped in its corresponding card slot in order to fully benefit from the stat bonuses. For example, a Battle type War Avatar Card should be equipped in the Battle card slot. While cards can technically be equipped in any card slot, doing so will only grant the player a base amount of stats; additional stats listed on the card will be ignored, and the card will not be considered as part of a card set if it is a part of one.

The player can view details of their equipped cards in the War Avatar window to the right of their selected card, which will include its type, level, current EXP, and base stats. It will not include additional stats, leadership requirements, or reawakening status.

Cards can be equipped or unequipped, depending on where the cards are located. Right-clicking a card in your inventory will equip the card into its corresponding slot while right-clicking on an equipped card will return it to your inventory, or your War Avatar Bag if it is open. Right-clicking a card in your War Avatar Bag will move it to your inventory while clicking and dragging the card into a slot will equip it. Cards can be unequipped by clicking and dragging into the inventory or War Avatar Bag as well.

War Avatar Bag

Is a storage for War Avatar Cards that is separate from your inventory. In order to access it, click the War Avatar Bag button in the War Avatar window. Note that this bag will be locked with a Gear Protection password if you have one. Any cards that you receive will automatically be placed into the War Avatar Bag if it is not full, and War Avatar Packs can also be stored in the bag. You can equip cards from the bag by clicking and dragging them to a slot in the War Avatar window. Likewise, you can unequip cards into the bag by clicking and dragging a card from a slot to the War Avatar Bag.

In the War Avatar Bag there are a few functions to perform automatic actions:

Batch Devour: This will allow the equipped War Avatar Card in the selected slot to automatically devour all of the cards in your War Avatar Bag. You can select which grade cards to automatically devour (up to C cards, up to B cards, and up to A cards) and then click the Batch Devour button. You can click the Stop Devouring button to stop devouring cards. Take caution when using this option as it can be very easy to accidentally devour cards that you may want to keep.

Sort bag: To the top-right of the War Avatar Bag there is a sort bag icon, which will automatically sort all cards within the bag. It has a 10-second cooldown which stacks with bank and inventory sorts.

Auto-Open: You can place War Avatar Packs from your inventory into the empty slot and then click the Auto-Open button to automatically open all of the packs. All of the cards will be automatically placed into your War Avatar Bag. The packs must be in your inventory, not your War Avatar Bag, in order for it to work.

You can also decompose and reset cards from this window.

Decomposing Cards

S grade cards can be decomposed to receive War Avatar Artifacts, used for War Avatar Crafting. Decomposing will permanently destroy the card. Each S grade card will give 1 War Avatar Artifact by default. A card that has been reawakened will give additional War Avatar Artifacts. To decompose a card, click on the Decompose War Avatar button and then click on the cards within your War Avatar Bag that you would like to decompose. Once you have selected the cards, click on the Confirm button.

Resetting Cards

The purpose of resetting a War Avatar Card is to separate reawakened cards, possibly for a chance at better leadership. The War Avatar Card that will be reset must be reawakened at least once. Resetting it will result in the player receiving multiple un-reawakened versions of the card, depending on how many times it was reawakened; a card that was reawakened once will result in 2 un-awakened cards, while a card that was reawakened twice will result in 4 un-awakened cards.

To reset a War Avatar Card, click on the Reset War Avatar button and then click on the cards within your War Avatar Bag that you would like to reset. Once you have selected the cards, click on the Confirm button.

War Avatar Cards

There are currently 224 War Avatar Cards in the game, however, not all of them are currently obtainable. Each card is assigned a certain type, which can be Destroyer, Battle, Longevity, Durability, Soulprime, or Lifeprime. The base stat(s) of a card depend on the type of card it is. Some cards also come with additional stat bonuses that are unique to the card. These additional stat bonuses are listed in blue text and can be viewed by hovering over a card. Unlike base stats, additional stat bonuses are the same for each class. These stat bonuses also count towards stats required to wear certain equipment as the cards only have a level requirement to wear them. The amount of additional stats a card can have depends on its grade:

C grade: no additional stats

B grade: 1 additional stat

A grade: 2 additional stats

S grade: 3 additional stats

Card Grades

There are a total of 5 grades of cards. The card grades are C, B, A, S, and S+ from weakest to strongest. S+ cards, while present in the game, are not currently obtainable by players. The higher the grade, the better the base stats of the card, and the more additional stats it can have. The maximum level that the card can achieve also depends on the card’s grade. C grade cards can be equipped by players under level 100, however, the requirement varies with each card. Other card grades can only be equipped by players level 100 and above.

Card Grade Maximum Level Total EXP Required
(Per Awakening)
C (Best Wishes set and Rookie Cards) 5 8
C 10 18
B 25 212
A 40 450
S 80 1456
S+ 100 2463

How to Obtain Cards

War Avatar Cards can be obtained by opening War Avatar Packs or War Avatar Chests. There are several ways to obtain card packs or chests, including the following:

Purchasing from the Item Mall

As a reward from various quest chains, such as reawakening, Primal World, and the Avalask

As a reward from Heavenfall Temple or Silver Stream Palace (any mode)

As a drop from Sarokkan, the Dragon-Touched, a World Boss in the Primal World

Through War Avatar Crafting

As a reward from Events

The War Avatar Master in Kirin Town in the Primal World will offer players card chests after they have collected 10 cards of a certain grade. These card chests will give the player a card that is the same grade as the chest that is awarded. There are a total of 3 quests, and the War Avatar Master will only offer them once per character. The player must be in possession of the 10 cards when receiving the quest, and the cards can be duplicates. The cards themselves will not be consumed.

Collect 10 C-grade War Avatar Cards: 1 War Avatar Chest B

Collect 10 B-grade War Avatar Cards: 1 War Avatar Chest A

Collect 10 A-grade War Avatar Cards: 1 War Avatar Chest S

Leveling up Cards

War Avatar Cards can be leveled to increase the base stats that they grant to the player, and can also enable it to be reawakened. Leveling a card will not increase the additional stat bonuses that the card can have.

To level up a card you must devour other cards or card packs, meaning that they will be permanently consumed. The card must also be equipped. To level up a card, click on the equipped card that you would like to level, and then click on the Devour button located at the bottom-left of the window. Your cursor will change into a blue gourd. Left-clicking on cards or card packs inside or outside of the War Avatar Bag with this cursor active will devour them. You can right-click to cancel devouring. You cannot devour cards that are a higher grade than the currently equipped card.

If you attempt to devour a card or card pack that will grant more EXP than the remaining amount your equipped card needs to be maximum level, a confirmation window will appear that will notify the player and allow them to choose whether to continue devouring the card/card pack or not. If they choose to do so, then any leftover EXP will be wasted.

You can view how much EXP a card or card pack will give after being devoured by hovering over them. Cards that have been leveled will give their base amount of EXP plus the amount of EXP they have consumed.

Item EXP Earned
C Grade Cards
Warm Jade Avatar Pack
War Avatar Pack C
B Grade Cards
War Avatar Pack B
A Grade Cards
War Avatar Chest B
War Avatar Pack A
War Avatar Chest A
War Avatar Treasure Box
War Avatar Chest S
War Avatar Pack S 7 EXP
S Grade Cards
War Avatar Destroyer Chest
War Avatar Battle Chest
War Avatar Longevity Chest
War Avatar Durability Chest
War Avatar Soulprime Chest
War Avatar Lifeprime Chest
10 EXP


Each character starts with 10 base leadership, which dictates the amount of cards you can have equipped at a time. Your total leadership can be viewed at the top-left corner of the War Avatar window. Each card has a set amount of leadership in order to be equipped. For example if you were to equip six C cards that all require 1 leadership, then you will have used 6 points out of 10 from your leadership to equip them, meaning that the number at the top-left of the War Avatar window will be displayed as 6/10. If you were to equip three A cards that all require 3 leadership, then your leadership would be 9/10 and you would only be able to equip a card with 1 leadership, meaning that you would only be able to equip a total of four cards.

Higher grade cards will typically require higher leadership. The amount of leadership is not grade exclusive though and it may vary among cards of the same grade and same type. The minimum leadership a card can have is 1 and the maximum a card can have is 3.

C grade card: 1 leadership

B grade card: 1 or 2 leadership

A grade card: 1, 2, or 3 leadership

S grade card: 2 or 3 leadership

Your total leadership can be increased in order to be able to equip more cards, which may be required in order to equip A or S grade cards in all card slots. Increasing leadership costs War Avatar Catalysts, obtainable from the Item Mall or from other players. To increase your leadership, talk to the War Avatar Master in Kirin Town in the Primal World and select Quest Related. You will not be able to obtain the quest if you do not have enough War Avatar Catalysts. The amount of War Avatar Catalysts needed to upgrade your leadership depends on the amount of leadership you are upgrading to.

11 Leadership = 10 War Avatar Catalysts

12 Leadership = 20 War Avatar Catalysts

13 Leadership = 30 War Avatar Catalysts

and so on.

Set Bonus

Some War Avatar Cards are part of a set, similar to armor sets. To check if a card is a part of a set, the player can hover over the card and find the name of its set underneath all of the stats listed, along with a number indicating the amount of cards in that set. Equipping all cards of a particular set will grant a bonus to the cards’ base stats, but not additional stats. The amount of cards that belong to a set can vary between 2 cards and 6 cards. The set bonus will only apply if all cards are equipped; there is no partial set bonus available. The amount of the bonus is different depending on the card set and can range from a 15% to a 100% stat bonus. Equipping a card set in many cases can be better than equipping 6 individual cards.

Reawakening Cards

Cards can be reawakened. The process of reawakening a card is similar to that of characters, where the card will be reset to level 1, however its base stats and growth of base stats will be higher. Hovering over a card will show whether a card is reawakened or not, just below the leadership requirement. Cards can be reawakened a total of two times. The first reawakening will offer 130% of base stats while the second reawakening will offer 160% of base stats.

To reawaken a card, the player will need two of the exact same card. One of the cards should be maximum level; this is the card that the player will keep. The reawakened card will inherit its stats including leadership, so it should be the card with lower leadership. The other card can be any level, however any extra levels or EXP will be lost, therefore it is recommended to keep this card at level 1. Both cards do not need to be maximum level.

Once the player has the cards, they can be reawakened at the War Avatar Master in Kirin Town in the Primal World. Talk to him and select the War Avatar Reawakening option. A window will appear with two different slots. In the upper “War Avatar to Reincarnate” slot, insert the max level card that you want to keep. In the lower “Consume War Avatar” slot, insert the lower level card that you want to consume. Note that this lower level card will permanently disappear when the reawakening is completed. If this is done correctly, the Reawaken button will light up, otherwise another window will appear notifying the player of what they have done wrong. Upon clicking the Reawaken button a confirmation window will appear. Click confirm and your card will be reawakened, reset to level 1, and will have the same leadership as the card you chose to reincarnate.

To reawaken a card for the second time, the process is similar however both the card you want to keep and the card you want to consume must have been reawakened at least once. The card you want to keep should be at maximum level, while the card you want to consume can be any level, as long as it has been reawakened once.

War Avatar Titles

There are certain titles that can be awarded for collecting a certain amount of unique War Avatar Cards. Each title grants a small permanent stat bonus for obtaining them. These cards do not need to be in the player’s possession but must be marked in their War Avatar Book. Duplicate cards will not count towards titles.

Title Stat Increase Number of Cards to Collect
War Avatar Rookie Phys Atk +2, Mag Atk +2 20
War Avatar Greenhorn Phys Def +7, Mag Def +7 40
War Avatar Acolyte Phys Atk +3, Mag Atk +3 60
War Avatar Collector Phys Def +10, Mag Def +10 80
War Avatar Aficionado Phys Atk +4, Mag Atk +4 100
War Avatar Hunter Phys Def +14, Mag Def +14 120
War Avatar Scholar Phys Atk +5, Mag Atk +5 140
War Avatar Expert Phys Def +17, Mag Def +17 160
War Avatar Master Phys Atk +6, Mag Atk +6 180
War Avatar Emissary Phys Def +21, Mag Def +21 200
War Avatar Veteran Phys Atk +8, Mag Atk +8 210
War Avatar Champion Phys Def +28, Mag Def +28 218


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