Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a PC or Mobile Game?

PlayPark Perfect World will be playable on PC or Laptop.



Can I use my OLD Level Up! Perfect World account?

No. PlayPark Perfect World is an upgraded version of Perfect World which uses new logins for PlayID, Google and Facebook. However, there will be a migration for OLD accounts alongside the release of a NEW server. PlayPark Perfect World is in constant talks with the Game Developers to work out fully migrating OLD accounts to the PlayID Log In.


How many servers will be available?

Two (2) servers are being prepared for PlayPark Perfect World. During CBT, Server 1 will be available for all players. Server 2 will be opened at a later date where old accounts can be migrated from the Phoenix and Chimera servers of Perfect World. Server names are still pending.


What is CBT?

Closed Beta Test, or better known as CBT, is a part of a game’s testing stage where areas are identified for improvement. This test can go through numerous stages with no set timeframe. Some of the items tested are server capability and capacity, in-game bugs, game contents, Third Party Program, and more. During CBT stage, several downtimes and server restarts may be experienced as upgrades and fixes are worked out.


When is the CBT?

CBT will be open starting October 30, 2018 at 3:00pm (GMT+8) until November 6, 2018 3:00pm (GMT+8)


Is there a CBT Data Wipe when we go to OBT?

Yes! All the characters, items and data will be wiped when the Close Beta Testing ends.


What is OBT?

Open Beta Test, more widely known as OBT, comes after the game is upgraded to improve the game experience from Closed Beta Testing. OBT is still part of the game’s testing phase where issues found within the game are fixed.

For the PlayPark Perfect World OBT, any progress attained such as characters created, items found and equipped will not be wiped.


When is the OBT?

The OBT will commence after all of the prominent problems found in the CBT are fixed. The exact schedule is yet to be announced.


Is there a OBT Data Wipe?

The data during open beta will not be wiped.
What is the Gold Ratio?

Gold Ratio is 1php = 1 Gold.

How do I get started?

  • Register for an account. There are three ways you can get an account – through PlayID, Google and Facebook.
  • To register a PlayID account, go to the website or click HERE
  • Google ID and Facebook login will let you login to the game directly by typing your Gmail or your Facebook email and password.
  • Remember that PlayID, Google and Facebook login will create separate accounts. Your PlayID, Gmail and Facebook PlayPark Perfect World accounts cannot be linked to one another.


  1. Download the game client. PlayPark Perfect World is available for download on the game’s website and on PlayPark’s website. You may download the client directly by clicking HERE


What is the game version of PlayPark Perfect World?

The version to be released during the CBT of PlayPark Perfect World is known as家园版本 from Perfect World China. It combines the War Front and the Elysium expansion available on Perfect World International.



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