Clan Contributions, Recruit New Players and Forming Alliance

Mar 11, 2020 | Notice

Clan Contribution Types:

Honor Points are the personal score of each member of your Clan. They can be gained by completing Silver Stream Palace, Uncharted Paradise, or Dawnlight Temple while in a Clan Party.

You can use Honor Points to purchase rewards from your Clan.

Merits/Clan Merits are the overall score of the Clan. They can be gained from the same activities as Honor Points, as well as by completing Clan Goals. They can also be used to activate the Jade Fortune of the new Clan HQ, the Clan Warehpise, Clan Dungeons, and more.

Clan Funds are very valuable. They can be used by the Clan Master to nurture the Spirit Tree’s Soul, granting benefits to all Clan members. The Clan Master can also trade them for special rewards for those who have contributed to the Clan.

*Members of the same Clan (at least Lv 2) who form a party to complete any modes of Silver Stream Palace, Uncharted Paradise and Dawnlight Temple will obtain Honor Point and Clan Funds. All dungeons reward the same number of Honor Points.More difficult dungeons will reward additional Merits. Complete Clan goals to obtain a large amount of Merits and Clan Funds. Clan Goals require at least 8 Clan Members in the party.

*The three values will be cleared on Sunday, 24:00; Honor Points can be exchanged for Divine Justice Stones or Justice Dragon Jades. Divine Justice Stones cost 60 Honor Points. Other Honor Points can be spent on Justice Dragon Jades. Merits and Clan Funds will be listed under last week. Merits can be used to open the Clan Dungeon. Clan Funds can be used by the Clan Master to purchase goods for the Clan. Before 24:00 on that day, the highest quantity of Clan Funds is taken as the final Clan Funds for the day. The Final Clan Merits = All members’ Honor Points + Merits of Clan Goal.

You can check the Clan Merits and Funds by checking the Clan Welfare tab on the Clan Menu.

Note: All Text alignment bug will be fixed on the next patch.

How to Recruit A Player:

  1. Click on the Recruit Players button on the upper right corner
  • Enter the Information needed below.
  • Click Post Recruit Requirement and it will be automatically posted to the list of “currently recruiting clans”

How to Propose an Alliance or Declare Hostilities for Level 3 Clans:

  1. Click on the Policy Menu on the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Diplomacy button.
  • Select the Clan that you want to become an ally or enemy. (Forming an alliance cost 3M Yuan)
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