Magic Kingdom Patch Notes

Welcome, one and all, to the most magical place to ever enter the MMO world – the Magic Kingdom! The first of its kind, the Magic Kingdom is a virtual feast for the eyes and the senses. Come on and take a tour of the first amusement park to open in Pan Gu.

The Magic Kingdom was designed based on the five big capitals of Perfect World: Dragon, Neverfall, Mandala, Amity, and Glacier City. It is filled with various attractions and activities for players to enjoy.

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Manual Patch (328-344)

The Magic Kingdom update boasts these exciting attractions. Follow the links and read all about them!

1. New Area: Magic Kingdom
2. New Function: Bestiary
3. New Boundary Unlocked: Royal Sky
4. Divine Inscription Refinement (Upgrade)
5. Sacred Realm Phantom: New Source of Vitae
6. Advanced Engrave
7. New Elemental Spirit: Monsoon
8. New Dungeon: Frozen Hell
9.  Ascension of Evil Half Dragon – Sarokkan
10. Soul Stone Upgrade

Game Optimization:

    • Follow action: the follower will enter flight or walk mode according to the target.
    • Quest Tracker: added quest tracking for some quests
    • Party member’s avatar will be grayed out when too far away
    • Silver Stream Palace Judgment Mode rewards for Star Charts no longer available
    • Swords to Plowshares and Homeland Renewal added to Active Points list
    • Master Bounty Hunter quest for Quicksand Maze changed to Lord of Disaster Soulshriek in Frozen Hell
    • Several Primal World and Western Steppes daily quests have had their requirements and rewards changed
    • Treasure System loot table updated
    • The Soul Stone Conversion feature now allows players to replace Rocket Stones and Flare Stones with Wind Stone IV, and replace Alpha Stones and Omega Stones with Wind Stone V
    • Wind Stone IV can no longer be used with accessories lower than grade 12. Stones that are already embedded are not affected
    • The required Craftsmanship level to upgrade Gaze of the Jungle ornaments is set to LV1.
    • Batch opening for 999 Mysterious Chip packs has been fixed.