Sacred Realm Phantom: New Source of Vitae

New monsters known as “Sacred Realm Phantoms” have invaded Primal World and Avalask.

The monster has five types, each corresponding to a Boundary from Arcane Sky, Mirage Sky, Astral Sky, Shifting Sky, and Twilight Sky. Killing the phantom of your corresponding Boundary yields more Vitae. Players with Royal Sky boundary can also gain Vitae by killing these monsters.

There is a daily limit to the number of Vitae gained from killing these monsters. When the limit is reached, the number of Vitae you gain will be reduced.

  • Primal World Respawn Area: Mildflower Kingdom, Tree Racoon Village, Autumn Village, Lord Tyrant’s Rear Camp, Snow Ape Ridge, Glacial Prison, Ruins of Waverun
  • Avalask Respawn Area: Silent Plains, Ishire Plain

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