Territorial War

There are 44 territories available for conquest.  The map illustrates the location and accessibility of the territories.  The higher the level of the territory the bigger the return for the clan

Rank 3 Territories – 1,000,000 Yuan per week held
Rank 2 Territories (Sword, Feather and Beast City) – 2,000,000 Yuan per week held
Rank 1 Territories (Dragon, Dream Port and Universal City) – Rank 1 Territories cannot be attacked yet.

Benefits of ruling a territory
A Clan can gain various advantages and awards from occupying cities.

Protection Money

  1. Every week, the conquered territory gives fixed protection money to the ruling clan.  The higher the level of the territory the bigger the ruling clan will get.
  2. A clan can get 1,000,000 in in-game Yuan every week for a Level 3 territory.
  3. Protection money is given to the head of the ruling clan every Friday noon. (12NN)
  4. A mail shall be sent to the head of the clan and once the head of the clan reads and accepts the mail, the amount shall be added to his character

Free Teleport

  1. Members of the ruling clan shall pay no fee to teleport to the territory.  (This is treated as a usage of the Teleport skill, with a 1 hour cooldown)
  2. Players who are not part of the clan shall have to pay for teleportation services
  3. Transfer skill has a cool down period

Map ownership

  1. Ruling clan shall have their name placed on the map details.
  2. Every time a player hovers the mouse through the territory location, the name and logo of the clan shall appear