Clan Trials





Reincarnation Array is the sixth trial in which players must defeat the Crystal Beast Haravin, a boss that constantly regenerates its different body parts. Initially, players will have to defeat the four Guardians to summon Haravin. During this process Haravin will be immune to damage while regenerating its various body parts.

  • The head has the ability to lower the players’ attack.
  • The left arm has the ability to deal constant cold damage.
  • The right arm has the ability to deal constant burning damage.
  • The left shoulder servant has the ability to curse damage.
  • The right shoulder servant has the ability to drunken damage


When Haravin has finished its regeneration, players will be able to attack and destroy its different body parts, except for the torso which will continue being immune to damage. Note that the shoulders must be killed at the same time. Haravin’s Servants will come to help Haravin regenerate. If the servants are not killed, Haravin will not be defeated.

Players can enter the catapults to attack and kill Haravin’s servants. Alternatively, they can build a Ghosthack Puppet which can also kill Haravin’s servants but has the added benefit of being capable of moving around. Players can pick a quest to build the Ghosthack Puppet from the nearby crystals. The quest will require specific materials which can be dug from small crystals around the map. Once the player has gathered enough materials, they will automatically convert into a Ghosthack Puppet in their inventory which they can right-click to summon a real Ghosthack Puppet. Players can enter inside the Ghosthack Puppets and control them. Ghosthack Puppets will effectively kill the servants.

Haravin will eventually summon an army of minions that will aim to destroy the crystals surrounding it. The crystal help players weaken Haravin so they need to be protected from the minions. In the final phase, Haravin’s torso will no longer be immune to damage so players will finally be able to defeat Haravin and complete the trial.



Concentric Labyrinth is the seventh trial in which players have to defeat the Lord of Principles, Mexin.


  • Rings

There are rings on the floor. The blue one is the outer ring, the orange one is the central ring while the red one is the inner ring.

In the quest log when you enter this area, there is a ‘Confused Heart’ quest which lists how many players should be in each ring.

The boss will state a phrase such as:


Inner Ring > Centre Ring > Central Ring > 0 Players


Outer Ring < Central Ring < Inner Ring < 7 Players

Inward dent

Outer Ring > Inner Ring > Central Ring > 0 Players

Outward dent

Inner Ring > Outer Ring > Central Ring > 6 Players


Outer Ring > Central Ring > Inner Ring> 5 Players



X+3 > X+2 > X+1 > X Players


X-3 < X-2 < X-1 < X Players

Where X refers to what the boss calls at the end of the message. So for cluster for example,

Inner Ring > Centre Ring > Central Ring > 0 Players

This means that there has to be at least 1 in the outer ring, more players than the amount assigned to the outer ring, and more players still in the inner ring.

These mathematical messages will constantly be shouted out. And you must bear in mind the direction of the > and < which mean greater than and less than respectively.

  • Platforms

On the platforms, there will be two different colored rings.

Red – the more people on it the faster the ring is killed.

Blue – no one on this platform to start killing this ring

Note that while doing this, there will be 3 spinners on the floor that can 1 shot players when touched.



If you have enough damage, you can use Yu Xia’s spirits, Wu Xia’s Wrath of Heaven, Jian Ling’s Rending Bladesight, Xi Shou’s Water Parting Strike to simply take down the boss fast. Note that you have 15 seconds from the first hit until the boss resets.


Players stand on the platforms. There should be three parties assigned to each ring.

Several players have to go to the rings depending on the position of the rings mentioned in the equation. The rest of the players have to go inside the passageway, as you are countered as being in the ‘inner circle’ if you on the platforms.

Code’s Sudo-Nuke:

If you have the damage but need more time you best wait until the first 15 seconds are over, let the boss get his hp back and then nuke within the 30 seconds where people would normally be doing mechanics.




Citadel Assault is the eighth trial in which players have to fight enemies and destroy towers in order to reach and defeat Commander Shadow Blade. Players in this trial will have to use a special weapon and a special relic which they can buy from the Citadel Assault Guide. The weapon and the relic will expire if the player leaves the trial.

Once all players have acquired their special weapon and the special relic, they can step outside the base to kill the incoming enemies. Enemies will become stronger whenever they kill a certain number of players. The battlefield is separated into three lanes all of which have towers that need to be destroyed. Players will have to kill all Front Towers before they can proceed to kill the Base Towers. The Base Towers will be immune to damage until all Front Towers have been destroyed. Enemies will become stronger once the Front Towers have been destroyed and the Mysterious Merchant Yib will appear in the players’ base.

Mysterious Merchant Yib will offer molds for players to use so they can upgrade their weapon and their relic. Alongside the molds, players will have to collect Archdemon Remains which drop from all enemy monsters. The weapon requires 20 Archdemon Remains and the relic another 20 for a total of 40 Archdemon Remains. Right clicking the molds while the weapon and the relic are in the inventory will upgrade them automatically.

Players can then proceed to destroy the Base Towers while continuously fighting the incoming enemy monsters. Enemies will become stronger once the Base Towers have been destroyed and the Mysterious Merchant Ebb will appear in the players’ base. Mysterious Merchant Ebb will offer molds for players to use so they can upgrade their weapon and their relic for a second time. The weapon requires 50 Archdemon Remains and the blessing another 50 for a total of 100 Archdemon Remains.

Finally, players can move on to the enemy monsters’ base to destroy the crystal and summon Commander Shadow Blade. The boss buffs himself frequently so YaoJings will have to banish him. However, Commander Shadow Blade will frequently buff himself with an anti-banish buff similar to the Cloud Cover skill of Yu Xias, therefore requiring at least three Yao Jings who can take turns banishing. The trial will be completed when Commander Shadow Blade has been defeated.


Chamber of the Inferno is the ninth trial in which players have to defeat the Rageflame Kirin and his owner, Dark Chancellor Durgan. Shortly after the players engage the Kirin into battle, it will start spawning lines of running Kirins that must be avoided otherwise they immediately kill anyone that gets caught by them. The Kirin will come from all four directions: north, east, south and west.

At certain points players will be required to dispel the demon spell. Red Demonic Circles will appear on the ground in all four directions. Players will have to walk over them to dispel them. If players fail to dispel all Demonic Circles, a very strong Damage over Time (DoT) will affect players that are close to the Rageflame Kirin when the running Kirin appear. The DoT must be purified immediately, or the player will run a high risk of dying due to the DoT’s high damage.

The Rageflame Kirin will sometimes launch a deadly attack. There will be a red circle on the floor to indicate the area in which the attack will hit. Some players will be selected at random and be given an effect that will pull in and stun any teammates that are nearby. The selected players will have a moving white circle under their feet.

When the bosses’ HP has been lowered, more Kirins will appear that will leave fire trails on the floor. The fire should be avoided otherwise it will kill any player that gets caught in it. The trial will be completed when both Dark Chancellor Durgan and the Rageflame Kirin have been defeated.



Temple of Ash is the final trial in which players have to defeat Lord Tyrant with the help of the Ash Spirits. The Ash Spirits, however, have been captured and players must rescue them.

Every time Lord Tyrant loses 10% HP he will become immune to damage. During this time 12 players will be selected and turned into giants. The giant players will have to walk into a light blue-colored light. A minimum of 8 players will be needed in the light to summon Chichi who will then open the prison gate of a random room. Each room will have its own specific tasks which players will have to complete in order to successfully rescue the Manipulated Ash Spirit located within. The rescued Ash Spirit will run back into the main room and remove Lord Tyrant’s invincibility allowing players to attack him again.

Lord Tyrant has similar functions as his son, Lord Tyrant Mushi in the Flowsilver Palace. Players will have to destroy Chi Crystals to generate a shield that will protect players from Lord Tyrant’s attacks. During the entire duration of the battle, Tyrannical Commanders will continually spawn in the central room. The Tyrannical Commanders are not very strong but their numbers can quickly overwhelm players. It is highly recommended to utilize control skills to stop them, such as Plague of Locusts from Yao Jings or Lion’s Roar from Wu Xias. Sometimes Tyrannical Generals will appear and they will launch a deadly attack on players. This attack will be indicated by a white circle surrounding the Tyrannical Generals and it must be avoided at all costs.

In the final phase Lord Tyrant will begin stealing Chi from players, killing anyone that doesn’t have over 100 Chi. The trial will be completed when Lord Tyrant has been defeated.



The rewards for completing each trial are separated into Clan rewards and player rewards. Clan rewards go directly to the Clan Welfare. The Clan master can access these rewards and distribute them to players. Clan rewards that were not distributed and claimed by the players will disappear during the weekly Monday 12:00AM Clan Base reset. Clan rewards are affected by the double drops event. In general, trial rewards include Rank 8 second cast and third cast materials, Dragonbreath Weapon materials, Star Chart materials, and exclusive clan materials used to craft certain items within the Clan Base.



There are unique titles that are awarded to Clans that can successfully complete the levels in the Ten-Dimensional Domain, including the following:

  • Lord of the Four Beasts:Complete the Hall of the Four level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Poetic Warrior:Complete the Scholar’s Vale level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Evil Termination:Complete the Columns of Doom level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Puzzle Solver:Complete the Ominous Dimension level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Messenger of Darkness:Complete the Nocturnal Cloister level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Altered Destiny:Complete the Reincarnation Array level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • The Omniscient:Complete the Concentric Labyrinth level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Fort Commander:Complete the Citadel Assault level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • The Unburned:Complete the Chamber of the Inferno level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Arithmagician:Complete the Temple of Ash level in the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • Divine Lord of the Dimensions:Obtain all 10 titles from the Ten-Dimensional Domain.
  • First Win: The first faction to complete the Ten-Dimensional Domain on the server.