Divine Inscription Refinement (Upgrade)


A Divine Inscription, also known as Book, is a permanent item that you can equip to your character. It does not have any level restrictions and they have additional stats like constitution, strength, or intelligence. This item will also keep your pet and mount’s hunger and loyalty from deteriorating, removing the need to constantly feed them.

In order to craft most books, the player must have Craftsmanship level 1. Most Books can be crafted at the Heavenly Inscriptions Furnaces in the Universal City (118, 855).

War of Kingdom Inscriptions can be crafted at the Tripod of Heavenly Inscriptions in Dragon City North (550, 675).

Marriage Quest Inscriptions can be crafted at the Matchmaker’s Apprentice in Dragon City West (523, 655).

The good news is, Books can now be refined, just like normal gear!

Players can go to the Elders in all cities to refine their Books and gain powerful Ex Rating attributes.
The higher the Book’s grade is, the more Ex Rating stats players will gain. At various Book refinement levels, extra Attack attributes will unlock.

As you upgrade your Divine Inscriptions or Books, the number of stats you will gain in further refinement levels, as well as the Additional Attributes, will be displayed in the Divine Inscription Refinement Menu.
Note: if a refinement fails, it will reset back to 0 upgrade level.


-Divine Inscriptions Refinement Menu-


Items that can be used for Refinement:

  1. Immortal Chart (Required)

Two Immortal Charts is required for every refinement. To the right of the Immortal Chart slot is a selection for assisting items, such as Heaven Chart, Underworld Chart, Five-Elements Mystical Crest, and Eight-Trigrams Mystical Crest. All these items (including Immortal Charts) can be purchased from the Item Mall when the expansion launches.

  1. Heaven Chart

Only usable on bounded gear.
Improves the result of Book Refinement.

  1. Underworld Chart

Only usable on bounded gear.
Slightly improves the result of Book Refinement.
Refinement Level drops by 1 when it fails.

  1. Five-Elements Mystical Crest

Level 1 through 5 Book Refinement is guaranteed a 100% success rate.

  1. Eight-Trigrams Mystical Crest

Level 1 through 8 Book Refinement is guaranteed a 100% success rate.
Upgrade Transfer: Divine Inscription or Book Upgrade can be transferred as well with Heaven-Earth Stone

Obtaining the Book of Old Principles:

Some LV1-LV5 Divine Inscriptions can be broken down into different numbers of Book of Old Principles, which can be used to upgrade Divine Inscriptions.

Go to the Heavenly Inscriptions II >> Break down accessory
Note: You cannot breakdown any accessories that are already bounded to the character.

When upgrading Divine Inscriptions, Heaven-Earth Stones can be used to keep the Refinement level.

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