April In-Game Events

Apr 4, 2024 | News, Notice

Every Monday: Arena Rental

GM will be available to facilitate any team challenge / practice in-game.

[SUN] 17:00-18:00
[NEW MOON] 18:00-19:00

Register for Arena Rental HERE

Participants may request “Light Empress’ Blessing” from the GM, if they want to experience balanced battle.

GM will only entertain on the spot rentals if the registration for the day is finished.

Every Tuesday: Couple Parade

Attend the Dragon City Couple Float that will be activated by the GM at around
6:00 PM. [Sun server will activate first]

Prize: Random items from the parade

 Peerless Blessing
 Invincible Blessing
 Fearless Blessing
 Nebula Dust Orb
 Saint Card
 Bridal Bouquet (100 Random Dye)
 Saint Card
War Avatar Pack C
 Perfect Voucher (10M)


Every Thursday: Platinum Tournament

Join the Thursday tournament and if you’re one of the players who received a Platinum Emblem you’ll get additional rewards!
The Thursday tournament will feature a rotating monthly reward, with the Manteau and Ring mats taking turns as the featured prizes.

Players who are above Level 100 after Reawakening twice can participate.
Talk to Tournament Warrior Agent (533. 632)
Sign up during 19:50 – 20:00 on Thursday
Reach/Pass Platinum-tier to be eligible for rewards
Make sure to get a “Platinum Emblem” to be eligible for rewards.

Sun & New Moon Rewards: [2Candy2Light]
2 Float Wedding Candy
2 Arcstar Dust Light

Receivable once per month:
185 Arcstar Dust: Truth
25 Arcstar Dust: Mind
4 Arcstar Dust: Ether
1 Arcstar Dust: Divine

Champion: [PHXTournaChamp]
2 Dustfall Artifacts
2 Arcstar Dust: Light

Every Friday: Celestial Tigers

Sun and New Moon server 6:00 – 7:00 PM

The Celestial Tigers are back every Friday this month from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Get your quest from Tiger God NPC located in Major Cities

Sword City World: 432 887 (27)
Beast City World: 247 649 (26)
Dragon City World: 527 653 (22)
Feather City World: 328 426 (22)
Vale City World: 378 231 (24)
Wave City World: 659 143 (25)


Kill a total of 8000 mobs to proceed to Summon the Celestial Tigers located outside of each City.

Kill the Celestial Tigers


Rogue Demon Tiger Break
Cooridnates: 263 690(23);282 416(22);342 211(22);484 951(26);639 127(22);

Rogue Immortal Tiger Break
(Coordinates: 246 629(25);344 256(22);369 421(22);430 851(22);686 120(22);

Redemption of Xia Feng Command Plate at the Heavenly General NPC (129,855) using Vision Gem and Spirit Gem will be available within the event duration

You will get a Tiger Pouch based on your Contribution.

Golden Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

SilverTiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Bronze Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Iron Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Tin Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Paper Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Everyday: Dungeon Challenge: ICW

Dungeon Challenge: Isle of Celestial Warriors

Team up and get ready for a dungeon expedition with your fellow heroes!
Grab bounties from the lands of Isle of Celestial Warrior


Clear the Dungeon: Isle of Celestial Warrior within the event period.

Share your experience with the community by commenting a screenshot of your dungeon run and short information or story about your expedition on the event post on our official Facebook page HERE.

Include your IGN, Server, and #PWDungeonICW

Tag at least 2 friends, who you ran the dungeon with.

Rewards: All characters who finished the dungeon and posted a screenshot at the event post.
Rewards are receivable once per character.

[DC ICW 10]

  • Storm Teleport Stone (7D)
  • Glorious Arigora Warlord (7D) Patk/Matk+40
  • Dragon’s Rise Glyph Pack LV9
  • 5 Platinum Amulet Box 
  • 5 Platinum Hierogram Box 
  • Bo Jie Pet Bag



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