The Summer Pack na PAK is available now.
It will be in our Item Mall until May 11, 2020 (8:00 AM)!

Minor Squire’s Badge Pack
Contains 8 Neverfall Squire’s Badges.

Nebula Dust Orb Pack
Contains 5 Nebula Dust Orbs.

Dull Zenith Skull Shard Pack
Contains a Dull Zenith Shard used to craft Dull Zenith Skull, a material for Dragonbreath G17 Weapon.

Sigil of Elysium Pack
Contains 5 Sigils of Elysium used to craft Profaned Wood, a material for Dragonbreath G17 Weapon.

Dragonbreath Sigil Pack:
Contains 5 Dragonbreath Sigils used to craft Draconic Essence, a material for Dragonbreath G17 Weapon.

Small Lv1 Glyph pack
Contains 10 pcs of random Lv1 Glyph.

Penglai King War Avatar

Item is a part of a complect "Six Candleflame Sovereigns"

The Misty City Avatar chest

Dragon Shadow Fashion Pack

Silvery Jade Fashion Pack

Wind Dance Wing Ticket

 Elysian Raccoon Mount