Looking for Five Cents? Don’t be sad because we have an event especially for you!


1.) Players can trade their 25pcs. Perfect Plus Scrip for 1pc. Five Cents

Sample Table

25 Perfect Plus Scrip = 1 Five Cents

50 Perfect Plus Scrip = 2 Five Cents

75 Perfect Plus Scrip = 3 Five Cents

100 Perfect Plus Scrip = 4 Five Cents

125 Perfect Plus Scrip = 5 Five Cents

150 Perfect Plus Scrip = 6 Five Cents

175 Perfect Plus Scrip = 7 Five Cents

200 Perfect Plus Scrip = 8 Five Cents

225 Perfect Plus Scrip = 9 Five Cents

250 Perfect Plus Scrip = 10 Five Cents

2.) Maximum of 5,000pcs Perfect Plus Scrip for 200pcs. Five Cents. If you wish to trade more PPS, you have to fall in line again.

3.) Make sure that the quantity of your PPS is divisible by 25.

Five Cents Usage

Five Cents 2


1.) Bring your PPS  for trade on the scheduled date. First Come First Serve Basis.

2.) Location will be announced by the Playpark Game Masters before the event starts on the day of the event itself.

3.) Fall in one line and use the vend mode option to stop moving and queue properly. Vend with your queue number and wait for your turn to trade your items.

4.) When a player gets disconnected, the queue number of that player will be considered void. The disconnected player will have to line up again.

5.) Players who delay the trading process will be sanctioned with a minimum of 2-day suspension (48 hours). This includes, but not limited to the following:

* Dueling or Killing (PK) players in the line

* Cutting through the line

* Just queuing but has no item or incomplete items to trade

* Queuing then selling/trading/giving away your “queue slot” to another player.


Note: Please secure a screenshot before and after trading.

Schedule of Events

March 11 and 18 :  6PM ~ 7PM




PW Administration Team’s Decision is final.

To ensure the smooth proceeding of the event, if players were to disrupt to proceeding on an event, punishment will be dealt out in accordance to our abuse policy.

Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice.



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Golden Five Cents: TBA