CBT Event 1/4: Go Go Level Up!

Hello Heroes! Welcome to the Land of Pangu. The God of Sun is here waiting for you, lets see what are the events that he has to offer for all of you.

Mechanics: All players who will reach a certain Tier during CBT will receive a prize on OBT.

Tier 1 (50-59): Frost Seal of Arms
Tier 2 (60:-69): Holy-Moon Seal – Defense
Tier 3 (70-79): Scroll of Heaven’s Mandate
Tier 4 (80-89): Skysoar Flight Token
Tier 5 (90+): Sun Wukong’s Cloud Mount

*You can win all the prizes. Ex: You reached Tier 4, you will also receive the Tier 3, 2 and 1 prizes.
Register your account here: https://goo.gl/forms/U90kwLmaJR55hPpV2

On OBT, you will need to create a character first in your account which you have used during CBT for you to be able to receive the prizes. The prizes will be mailed on the character that you created. An account can only win once.

CBT Event 2/4: Like and Share~

Download Perfect World Now!

Mechanics: Just like and share this post with the hashtag #PerfectWorldReturns #PlayPark_PerfectWorld with your Character Name in the caption and 1000 lucky players with get a chance to win Gourmet in Dragon City (90 Days) prize on OBT. Make sure to make your post public so we can see your entry.

Gourmet in Dragon City – An entrance ticket to the popular food festival. Wangcai might need it. You can visit 【Trade Deputy Wang Cai】 to exchange for Fashion Weapon x1.

CBT Event 3/4: Screenshot Event!

Mechanics: Screenshot the face of your character and set as your profile picture, put your IGN and a short description or introduction of your character. Try to be unique as possible. Tag 3 friends, Type and tag “Playing @PlayPark Perfect World” and put the hashtags #PlayPark_PerfectWorld#PerfectWorldReturns
Make sure that your profile picture is still your entry by the end of the event.

Event Duration: Now – Nov 9, 9:00pm.
You can register your entry on the link below. (in case we can’t find your entry when we filter it)
Register: https://goo.gl/forms/Cw9OdwsSEKIel4j03
Prize: Seal of the Board (use to craft Cube of Fate Necklace)
The GM will draw 14 random winners from valid entries. Raffle will be drawn via FB Live on Tuesday, Nov 13, 6pm.

CBT Event 4/4: See you on OBT!

Ready your artistic side because our last event is all about ART! The art submissions can be in any form artistic medium including literature, sketches, painting, oil pastels, handcrafts, digital art, fan sign and so on. Everything within the submission must have been written, drawn, painted, created, etc. by your own hand. The art must be game related.

Upload your entry on your facebook account in public (with YOU included in the picture to verify your ownership) describe your art in a few word or sentence. Tag 3 friends and do not forget to put your CBT IGN and hashtags #PlayPark_PerfectWorld #PerfectWorldReturns

After you posted your entry, you must fill this google form, in order to get reviewed.
Register: https://goo.gl/forms/pa1mx2SHwVV8lDTu1

Participants who do not fill the Google Form, will be disqualified automatically.
Event Duration: Now – Nov 13 12:00pm.
Prize: 6x Stone of the Jungle (use to craft Eye of the Jungle Accessory)
The GM will draw 14 random winners from valid entries. Raffle will be drawn via FB Live on Tuesday, Nov 13, 6pm.

#PlayPark_PerfectWorld #PerfectWorldReturns