The Celestial Tigers are back every Tuesday this month of July from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Get your quest from Tiger God NPC located in Major Cities

Sword City World: 432 887 (27)
Beast City World: 247 649 (26)
Dragon City World: 527 653 (22)
Feather City World: 328 426 (22)
Vale City World: 378 231 (24)
Wave City World: 659 143 (25)


Kill a total of 8000 mobs to proceed to Summon the Celestial Tigers located outside of each City.

Kill the Celestial Tigers


Rogue Demon Tiger Break
Cooridnates: 263 690(23);282 416(22);342 211(22);484 951(26);639 127(22);

Rogue Immortal Tiger Break
(Coordinates: 246 629(25);344 256(22);369 421(22);430 851(22);686 120(22);


You will get a Tiger Pouch based on your Contribution.

Golden Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

SilverTiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Bronze Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Iron Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Tin Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:

Paper Tiger Cache Randomly gains one item:


Get your Value Heaven and Hell Card and you’ll get 40 Warsong Inscription (Bounded) bonus (item will be mailed manually).
A Character can only win once this month, having multiple items will not give multiple rewards.

Reward History:
January 2021:  5- Hell’s Glowstone 5- Hell’s Golden Jade
February 2021: 10 Rotating Cog of Fate(bounded)
March 2021: 10 Warsong Baldric Text
April 2021:  300 valor Token
May 2021: 10 Rotating cogs of Fate
June 2021: Perfect Voucher (10M)
July 2021:  40 Warsong Inscription (Bounded) A character may only win once this month.