Player of the week 1

Player Name: Claire Cañones
Character Name: Clanary
Server: Phoenix
Class: Jian Ling
Clan: Hero
Month/Year started playing: 2008

Other Questions:
*When did you start playing perfect world?
– I started playing perfectworld since 2008,it was my uncle who introduced me this game. I stopped playing it for 7 years then got back last year (2016) month of October.

*Why do you love perfect world?
– I love perfect world because it relieves off my stress and it brings back my childhood wherein me and my cousins plays this whenever we got back from school. And i love perfect world because i can socialize with others freely without being awkward lol

*Where do you usually hang out in-world?
– I usually hang out with my in-game friends in Dragon City West

*What are the features that you like best in the game?
– I actually like eveything lol, but if I were to ask one feature that really amaze me is the customization of character which is so authentic and realistic.

*Your favorite location in the map or favorite monster?
– I actually have 2 favorite locations in the map the Dragon City-West because it is where me and my in-game friends hangout and the second one is the Arcadia Town wherein the scenery is so calming and amazing specially the countless cherry blossom trees and the romantic view will give you a nice snapshot

*Your dream achievement?
– Hmmm, i guess it is to achieve a rank 9 position it would really energize me to play more.

*Your accomplishments?
– I can’t really think of any accomplishments I have achieved but i guess I accomplished having many in-game friends. Leveling up is not a big deal though I can say it is also an accomplishment.

*Who are the players or characters thats you idolize in-world in your server?
– Delirious, he was the one who helped me when i just got back in game he helped me craft my items and such, finish dungeon quests/tokens, he helped me in anyway he can when he have free time. I also idolize Luna,Azudora,Ae_in,nikkzz,[Nicole] they are a true helpers specially to newbies.

*What is you memorable in-world moment?
– I think every time I play is memorable for me because I get to hang out with my in-game friends

*Most embarassing in-world moment?
– it is when I created a character and tried to hide from someone yet i got caught lol.

*What made you choose your class?
– i love how my class is advantageous/effective to such dungeons specially the wsv because it has aoe skills (i think 5 aoe skills)

*Who’s your perfectworld crush?
– Hmmmmm none lol

*Any message to the heroes of the perfect world?
– Happy Playing guys! teehee <3

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