CM Cain Birthday Bash

May 10, 2022 | Events, Main, News, Notice


I. Birthday Login Event

Duration: May 10 (12AM) to May 14 (11:59 PM)


  1. A player must be level 95+ to join.
  2. Go online and get your Mortal Windsong Badge

    from NPC Windsong Valley Lord Song Xian.
  3. Do this for 4 days to be qualified for the reward.

Only the Windsong Badge from the Midlands. Echo of the valley quest is counted per day.


500 Valor Tokens
8 GM Lambs
1 Bless Pack: Longevity Star
1 Vendor Coupon
1 Speaker Coupon
1 Quiksilver Spurs
1 Possession: Phoenix Feathers

Bless Pack: Longevity Star
Relic duration 7Days
Def +500
MDef +500
Atk Rating +10
Def Rating +10
Ex Rating +100
Atk Penetration +300
MAtk Penetration +300


II. Birthday Boost

Enjoy 2x EXP, and 2x Soul and Drop Boost from May 11 (12AM) to May 15 (12:00 AM)