December In-game Events

Nov 30, 2023 | Notice

Automated Event Schedule:
Dec 24-26:
Celebrate Christmas In-game
Dec 27-29: Penguin Pier
Dec 30-31: New Year’s Daily Wish

Other Events:
Clan PWaskuhan: December 1-31
7 days of Christmas: December 25-31
Phoenix Server, Featured Clan: [TBA]
Fashions Finest: [TBA]
Carolling Collab: [TBA]


Every Monday

Christmas Vendor

⏰ 4:00 – 5:00 PM (Phoenix)

⏰ 5:00 – 6:00 PM ( Sun )

⏰ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ( New Moon )

  • At Universal City, the GM will summon mobs during the said time.
  • Collect all the Celestial Stones from the mobs and sell them!
  • Heaven Celestial Stone, Earth Celestial Stone, and Common Celestial Stone will be bought by the GMs for 30,000 Yuan!
  • Location: Granny Jin Hua on Dragon City South

GM will be buying Celestial stones, additional rewards will be based on how many players sold the item to the GM.
(The rewards are non-tradable)

Every Tuesday

Christmas Crafts: Frost Seal of Arms

Every Tuesday, if you craft 1 Frost Seal of Arms at the Tripod of Attendance in Dragon City North (550, 675)

Reward: Prismatic Dragonball (bounded, receivable once per character)
Phoenix server: Additional Blue-Sea Dragon Ball (bounded, receivable once per character)

We advise players to save a screenshot of their crafts with the calendar open. In case needed for reward follow-up.


Every Wednesday

Windsong Wednesday 95+
  1. A player must be level 95+ to join.
  2. Go online and get your Mortal Windsong Badge

    from NPC Windsong Valley Lord Song Xian.

Only the Windsong Badge from the Midlands. Echo of the Valley quest is counted per day.

Sun/New Moon:
Invitation Scroll x10
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x10

Invitation Scroll x10
Astrobana Pearl Ultimate x10
185 Arcstar Dust Truth
25 Arcstar Dust: Mind
4 Arcstar Dust: Ether
1 Arcstar Dust: Divine

Every Thursday

Join the Thursday tournament and if you’re one of the players who received a Platinum Emblem you’ll get additional rewards!

Players who are above Level 100 after Reawakening twice can participate.
Talk to Tournament Warrior Agent (533. 632)
Sign up during 19:50 – 20:00 on Thursday
Reach/Pass Diamond tier to be eligible for rewards
Make sure to get a “Platinum Emblem” for sun, and new moon.
“Iron Emblem” for Phoenix server to be eligible for rewards.
The champion of the week will get an additional 2 Arcstar Dust: Light.

Sun & New Moon Rewards:
225 Ringstar Weave: Song
55 Ringstar Weave: Slash
7 Ringstar Weave: Slay
1 Ringstar Weave: Doom
1 Arcstar Dust: Light
Champion: 2 Arcstar Dust: Light.

Phoenix Reward:
Iron Emblem:
225 Ringstar Weave: Song
55 Ringstar Weave: Slash
7 Ringstar Weave: Slay
1 Ringstar Weave: Doom
1 Arcstar Dust: Light

Champion: 2 Dustfall Artifacts, 2 Arcstar Dust: Light.

Monthly: Ascension Crown (Player who got the most Vanguard Emblem)
In case of a tie, the GM will schedule a best-of-3 duel at the Wolf Cub Arena.

Dungeon Challenge:

 Friday to Sunday

December 1-3, 2023
December 8-10, 2023
December 15-17, 2023
December 22-24, 2023
December 29-31, 2023

Sun and New Moon: Whispering Mausoleum

  • Look for Party Members, this dungeon cannot be done alone. 
  • Enter the “W.Mausoleum” dungeon by Dream Stone or teleporting to Neverfall at Gate of Cycles
  • Enter the Dungeon through the NPC Soulless Wanderer  “Entering Whispering Mausoleum”
    You need the item “Relic of Wonder: Weapon” for the quest to appear.

Finish the quest  “Instance Whispering Elegy”  1x within the event period to be eligible for the reward.

  1. 10 Whispering Mausoleum Treasure
  • It contains:

Rough Iron Shard x1
Rough Bloodstone Shard x1 (not guaranteed)
Skyhigh: Ether Jade x1 (not guaranteed)
Zenith Skull x1 (not guaranteed)
Golden Glyph Lv4 x1 (not guaranteed)
Verdant Glyph Lv4 x1 (not guaranteed)
Ethereal Glyph Lv4 x1 (not guaranteed)
Sanguine Glyph Lv4 x1 (not guaranteed)
Argent Glyph Lv4 x1 (not guaranteed)
Zenith Skull Shard x1 (not guaranteed)
Empyreal Purple Dragon Scale x1 (not guaranteed)

  • 10 Cloud Ferry Sacred Fragment
  • 2 Ringstar Weave: Cloud


Phoenix: Inferno Lord Pyrex

  1. Look for Party Members, this dungeon cannot be done alone.
  2. Enter the “Undercurrent Hall” dungeon by Dream Stone or teleport to Primal World through Peng lai Guide Vran NPC on each major city.
    NPC Coordinates:

    2.1. Upon reaching Kylin Town, go to Light Emperor Alexander (380,474) NPC to enter the Undercurrent Hall Dungeon.
  3. Get the “Blood of Wind and Fire” quest from the Undercurrent Guardian NPC (It is important that you have the quest.)
  4. Kill Inferno Lord Phyrex.
  5. Submit your quest to the Undercurrent Guardian NPC to be eligible for rewards.

  1. Heavensent Treasure: Phoenix
    Arcane Legend Pill x50 (Eat it to increase Vitae by 2000.)
    Primordial Blood x100 (A material used for combining Sacred Skill Books in Sacred Cauldron NPC in Primal World)
    Barbaric Blood ×40 (Used to craft passive skill at Sacred Cauldron NPC in Primal World)
    Bravery Emblem ×1 (7 days)
  2. Wild Blood Crystal Pack (usable 3x per character)
    Barbaric Blood Crystal x1000
    (Used to craft Boundary passive skills at the Royal Knight Hector NPC )


❗Awarding of items will be done within 7 – 14 days after the event duration or sooner.
❗Avoid renaming your characters before awarding is done to avoid delay
❗Kindly ensure that mailboxes have the necessary space to receive the prizes that will be mailed to you.
❗Follow-up on prizes that were not submitted after 30 days of awarding will not be entertained.
❗The PW Team will NOT entertain any transfer requests.

Disclaimer: PlayPark reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.










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