Dynasty Wars Manila2: Nostrax Elite

Aug 2, 2022 | Events, News

  • NCR2 – August 6, 2022 (Nostrax)

How to join:

Form a 5-man team and register via online form.
Be present at the PPAS Kickoff event venue (The day before the tournament for Cebu/Davao tournaments only).

Make sure that all important details are filled in.

Once submitted, team names can no longer be changed. Team names that are obscene and vulgar will not be accepted, and teams with such names will be disqualified.

Upon submitting the registration form, the team leader should present a valid ID of each team member and a photocopy of the IDs to the registration booth.

Valid IDs accepted should clearly state the owner’s name, address, signature, and image. These include government issued IDs such as Driver’s License, SSS ID, and Passport. For students or those who only have one or no government-issued ID, the School ID may be used if it still complies with the requirements stated above. Players may also use government-issued forms such as Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, and the like.

Failure to provide valid IDs will invalidate your registration for the tournament.

Changing of team line-up (players, accounts, and characters) is not allowed once the registration form has been submitted.

Registration Confirmation/Check-in Process:

Registration starts: 10:00 AM

Entrance: 100php (This is different from the entrance fee of PPAS Kickoff)

Bring and present a printed copy to the registration area during the actual event day of a photocopy of valid IDs of each member.

All team members must be present and will sign the form at the registration booth facilitated by PlayPark staff.



Registration Rules and Restrictions:

A maximum of 8 teams will compete in each leg.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The team lineup submitted during registration must be used throughout the entire tournament. No changes will be allowed once the registration is accepted and confirmed.

For the confirmed teams, failure to show themselves on the event will automatically be banned in the whole PCW 2022.

A team that has forfeited their match (through non-attendance will be automatically banned from PCW 2022, and incomplete team lineup or by the declaration of forfeiture) will not receive a participant’s package.

Registered accounts must contain 1 character of at least Rebirth2 level 100.

Dynasty Warlords Champions are no longer eligible to participate in any other leg and activity of the Phoenix Council Wars (Topaz Warlord, Jade Warlord and Territorial Wars). Furthermore, the account registered to receive the Dynasty Wars prize can no longer be registered to receive a Topaz Warlord, Territorial Warlord or Jade Warlord prize.

Tournament Maps:

Soaring-Sky Arena; or Rumbling-Cloud Arena



Players will be provided with pre-generated characters at the tournament venue.

The team may select from the twelve available classes – Wu Xia, Fa Shih, Yao Shou, Yao Jing, Yu Mang, Yu Ling, Xi Shou, Wu Shih, Jian Ling,Hun Ling, Ye Ying, Yu,Xia, Yu Feng, Qiang Shou, to fill out their roster of five (5) members.

Job class selections CANNOT be repeated. You may have up to one (1) team members representing any given Job class. Non-combat pets, flight devices and mounts will not be allowed.

For each tournament venue, a player cannot change his/her chosen character job. For example, at a Cebu tournament, a player has chosen the Yu Mang character. This player must use a Yu Mang character throughout the tournament.

Yao Jing characters will be supplied with a Battle Pets.

Players can use Skill Macros.

Amulets, Hierograms, Potions and Pills will all be made available to the players.


The GM facilitator will give the account details containing the characters to the team leader.

Players have 5 minutes with which to assign macros and skill hotkeys and set equipments.

Each character will be assigned a fixed amount of Potions, Pills and Amulet/Hierograms. Players will be responsible for managing their supplies until the end of the day’s tournament.

Participants are not allowed to buff until the buffs up time is declared inside the arena. If there are buffs originating from a character and not on your team, you will be penalized with a foul for each character with an illegal buff. The match will also be restarted if the illegal buffs are discovered before the match starts or the gates open.

[View Character Equipment]

Ground Rules:

Note: Do not forget to activate PVP mode (Turn off safe mode) and uncheck the relevant “PVP only” boxes. You can also change the “Buff Only” settings to suit your play style.

Players will be traded an entrance ticket prior to their match. If a character cannot receive the entrance ticket via trade, that character will not be allowed to enter the arena. Team leader is responsible for the distribution of team members’ tickets.

Players will enter their side of the arena by speaking with the Wolf Cub NPC.

Once all players have entered the arena, the GM will activate the buff timer. Players will have 120 seconds to buff up.

After the 120 second buff period, the barriers will go down, and the match will begin.

Once the match begins, both teams will have 300 seconds (5 minutes) to eliminate the opposing team. If both teams still have surviving members after 300 seconds (5 minutes), the “Time Over” signal will be given.

Players can’t use resurrection skills and Revival Scrolls in the arena. A team will be given 1 foul for every Revival Scroll discovered on a team member upon entering the Arena. If this fact is discovered immediately after the team of the offending character wins a round, the results of that round will be declared null and void.

Once the Time Over signal is given, players must immediately take their hands off the mouse and keyboard, except to perform the actions in the next item.

Players who have an opponent targeted when the Time Over signal is given must cancel their action and move away from any opponents before taking their hands off the mouse and keyboard (Press the Esc button three times). A player has 5 seconds to comply with this rule. Failure to comply will result in one (1) foul assigned per offending team member.


The tournament will be hosted on the Sun/New Moon Server.

All matches will be 5 VS 5 team elimination. Please see the Point System below for match scoring.

The match duration is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Players have 2 minutes of strategy time between matches.

Match-ups will be determined on the spot and will be shuffled through challonge.com

Point System:

A point is scored if a team wipes out the opposing team within the time limit.

A point is scored if a team has more surviving members after the time is up.

The first team to receive 2 points wins, and advances to the next round.

If both teams have the same number of surviving members after time is up, the match will end in a tie.

In the case of a tie, both teams will receive 1 point, with the following exception:

If a tie will result in both teams receiving 2 points, both teams will instead fight a Sudden Death match.

Sudden Death Match:

The Sudden Death match duration is 120 seconds (2 minutes).

The first team to kill a member of the opposing team wins the Sudden Death match and will receive 1 point.

If neither team manages to kill a member of the opposing team within 120 seconds (2 minutes), the result of the match will be decided with a coin toss.

Additional Rules:

  • Fouls are accumulated throughout the Phoenix Council Wars tournament, and will not be reset. Fouls earned during the Dynasty Wars leg will be carried on to the Final 8 and the Grand Finals. If the members of a team committed a total of 3 fouls over the course of the tournament, the team will automatically be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Teams who do not have an opponent will advance automatically.
  • If issues arise that are not covered by the existing rules, the Tournament Judge or PW GM Team will decide on that matter. GMs decision is always final.
  • Only if there are 3 or more players have been disconnected will the match be stopped. The match will then be continued after the connection stabilizes with the remaining time and DPs from the time the match was stopped.

If a clan is already on the list of top winners of a certain category, that clan is no longer eligible to win in other categories.

Dynasty Wars On-ground Promo

I. Bundle

– Present the proof of top-up and conversion at the event venue. (Conversion should be made on August 06, 2022)
– Present the proof of top-up and conversion at the event venue.
– For every 100 Load converted, you’ll get 2 pc. Accessory Socket Stone
– Converted Load here needs to be consumed until August 8, 2022. (Should be purchased from the item mall)
– 100 Load here cannot be used in the Pachingko and Raffle Bonanza.

II. PlayPark Allstars Pachinko 1

– Present the proof of top-up and conversion at the event venue.(Conversion should be made on August 06, 2022)
– Present the proof of top-up and conversion at the event venue.
– Every 1000 Load converted is worth 1 spin.
– 1000 Load here cannot be used in the Bundling event and Raffle Bonanza.
– 5 Spin Max per turn then the player needs to fall in line again.
– Converted Load here needs to be consumed until August 8, 2022. (Should be purchased from the item mall) 

– Wind Soul Stone IV
– Earth Soul Stone IV
– Water Soul Stone IV
– Fire Soul Stone IV
– 2 Rocket Soul Stone
– 2 Flare Soul Stone
– 20 Accessory Socket Stone

III. PlayPark Allstars Pachinko 2

– Present the proof of top-up and conversion at the event venue. (Conversion should be made on August 06, 2022)
– Show the proof of top-up and conversion at the event venue.
– Every 500 Load converted is worth 1 spin.
– 500 Load here cannot be used in the Bundling event and Raffle Bonanza.
– 5 Spin Max per turn then the player needs to fall in line again.
– Converted Load here needs to be consumed until August 8, 2022. (Should be purchased from the item mall)

– 2 Xia Feng Command Sword
– 4 Ruler’s Sigil
– 10 Mysterious Chip Box
– JACKPOT – All of the above



Participation Prize per member

Manila 2- 10 Mystical Crest Pack, 1000 Twilight Repair Powder, and Twilight Armor Chrono Pack,

 Engraved Ring of Twilight – 80

 Ash of the Illusion Realm – 40

 Death of the Ancient Demon – 4

 Wheel of Fate

 Wings of the Sovereign – 32

 Chungyun’s Sincere Heart – 3

 Princess’ Smoke Emerald



Per Region Champion

-Entrance pool

Tier 17 Weapon materials per Member: (non-tradable)
600 Blood spirit Stone
376 Gold Plated Iron
104 Ether Jade
34 Profaned Wood
12 Zenith Skull
5 Draconic Essence

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*Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.

The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.


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