Eid al-Adha Special

Jul 12, 2021 | Item Mall

The Eid al-Adha Special is available now for 25 Gold.
It will be in our Item Mall until July 26, 2021 (8:00 AM)
This new box gives you a chance to gain Moonstone of Punishment, Blue-Sea Mystical Crest, and Mister Wolf / Miss Feline Fashion Pack!

The Eid al-Adha Special contains GM Star Ring Pack and GM Arcstar Dust Pack which cannot be used in our version,
Do not right-click or use the giftpack, we will exchange it for Glyph Pack Lv6 if you mail the giftpack to:
DreadFang – New Moon
DreadFanG – Sun

Miss Feline / Mister Wolf Fashion Pack

The Penglai King War Avatars

Get a random War Avatar from the “Six Candleflame Sovereigns”.

Aohe, the Dark Emperor
Gorath, the Worldrender
Chigo, the Serpent Emperor
Mistress of Endless Night
Ghost Wing
Locen, the Emperor of Flame


The Misty City Avatar chest

Get a random War Avatar from the “Misty City set”.

Pestilent Destroyer
Obscure Reaper
Snakefist Guardian
Cannonfist Orclord
Shadowskull Lich
The Incacerate



Scroll of Heaven’s Mandate

The recovered scrolls of destiny.

Used to craft Tier-5 Inscriptions at the

Divine Inscriptions furnace in Universal City.

Dustfall Relic
Used to upgrade Rank 8 Awakened armor at the Dustfall: Rebirth forge (163 330).

Dustfall Artifact
Used at Jade Market Lei Flan (551 626) or White Emperor Jade Snowder (565 622)
to craft a Rank 8 Reborn helmet.

GM LV7 Glyph Pack
Right-click to obtain 1 of a random Lv7 Glyph.

Divine Scroll
Can be exchanged for Divine Inscriptions.
Take this to the Perfect Trade Official
in order to trade for a Divine Inscription.

★★Matchless Wings

★★★Ascension Crown

Transcendence Orb
This item can be used at White Emperor Jade Snowder to upgrade the rings
Hand of Heaven Dominion or Hand of the Skystriker to Catastrophic and Cataclysmic
Heaven Dominion or Skystriker respectively.

Jaden Crystal
You can trade this to Jade Market Lei Flan (551 626)for a
Celestial Resonance Ring or Exotic Chaos Belt.

It has its own default skill which gives 2 Chi if level 100, begins with 10 of each attribute, and has a guaranteed 100/100 Random Points.

Monsoon’s Initial Skill: Chant of Vigor

Moonstone of Punishment

The item can be used in Dusk Synthesis Cauldron and exchanged for one of the
following helmets:
★★★Lionheart Helm. Unyielding
★★★Shadow Ashura Helm. Fearless
★★★Archangel. Righteous
The item can also be used in Dusk Legacy Cauldron and upgrade
Ascension Crown, PCW Helm or Rank 8 Crown
to the helmets mentioned above.

Blue-Sea Mystical Crest

Causes mysterious effects upon refining Divine Inscriptions.
Level 1-10 Divine Inscriptions refining is 100% successful.
The ancestors show us the history, the truth and the right way to live.

October 2021