Expansion Sale

Nov 20, 2022 | Notice

An expansion sale is happening in Perfect World! Storage expansion items are on sale until November 23, 2022. Check it out at the item mall now!


November 20 – 23, 2022.

Upgrade your Pet, Inventory, Fashion, Bank, and Account storage for less!

To view the sale go to the item mall window or Press “O” then go to Tools>Expansion.

Items on Sale

Account Expansion Stone

Is used to unlock Account Storage. It is where players can store items that can be shared across all characters on a single account, on a single server.
It can be accessed by talking to any Banker and selecting the Account Storage option.
By default, the Account Stash is not activated and so does not have any slots. I
n this state, you also cannot deposit coins into the Account Stash.

Material Storage Stone

Used for Material Storage which serves as an additional storage location within your storage.
It is primarily used for materials or items used in crafting.
It can be accessed through any Banker and then by clicking the rightmost button in the window that depicts a sack with an arrow on it.
Initially, your Material Storage is not activated. It can have a maximum of 120 slots.

When a Material Storage has been activated, it begins with 8 slots. Each upgrade adds an additional 8 slots. It costs 1 Material Storage Stone per upgrade up until 80 slots, after that the amount increases:

88 slots: 2 Material Storage Stone

96 slots: 4 Material Storage Stone

104 slots: 6 Material Storage Stone

112 slots: 8 Material Storage Stone

120 slots: 10 Material Storage Stone


Fashion Storage Stone

Used to activate and expand the Fashion Storage which provides players with additional inventory space which is used for storing Fashion.
It can be accessed by clicking on the Fashion tab in your Inventory.
It has a maximum of 200 slots.
An added benefit of having a Fashion Storage is the Fashion Change feature, which includes being able to instantly change into a fashion set of choice, or rotate through multiple fashion sets over a certain period of time.

Activating and increasing slots in a Fashion Storage requires a Fashion Storage Stone for each upgrade.
The Fashion Storage can be activated or upgraded by taking the upgrade quest from the Perfect Trade Administrator, usually found near Bankers in major cities. When a Fashion Storage has been activated, it begins with 16 slots. Each upgrade adds an additional 16 slots, with the exception of the final upgrade which adds 24 slots to bring the total amount of slots up to 200.

Pet Cage

Pet Cages increase your Pet Inventory slots by 1 for each upgrade.
Pet Inventory can be accessed by pressing “P”.

Inventory Expansion Stones

increase inventory slots by 8 slots at a time up until 64 slots, after which the number of inventory stones required will increase. The amount of Inventory Expansion Stones required to upgrade the inventory after 64 slots are as follows:

72 slots: 2 Inventory Expansion Stones

80 slots: 3 Inventory Expansion Stones

88 slots: 4 Inventory Expansion Stones

96 slots: 5 Inventory Expansion Stones


Storage Expansion Stones

increase your Storage slots by 8 slots for each upgrade, but can only be used to upgrade to 80 Storage slots.
Each upgrade costs 1 Storage Expansion Stone except for unlocking 72 slots which cost 2 Storage Expansion Stones, and 80 slots which cost 3 Storage Expansion Stones.
To upgrade your Storage slots using Storage Expansion Stones, talk to any Banker and take the Increase Storage Slots quest, and select the “Find a Storage Expansion Stone” option when prompted.

Quest Expansion Stone

Expands your quest log to 30 quests.


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