Fashions Finest 2021

Feb 18, 2021 | Fashions Finest

Admit it we love SLAY’ing! Want to be one of the Perfect World Fashions Finest Model of the month?

Duration: February 26-28, 2021


  1. Must have purchased the following from the Item Mall with the same character used in the entry.
    • Sweetheart Heels
    • Boardwalk Sandals
  2. Mix and Match any fashion with the given Fashion item.
  3. Download the template here:
  4. Insert a screenshot of  2 characters presenting a “Couple Fashion” Any couple gender is accepted
    (Male to Female, Male to Male, Female to Female)
  5. E-mail your entry to with the title [PWPH] Fashions Finest [February]
  6. Put a description of your fashion set in the email body and include both character IGN (Case sensitive), Server.
  7. Submission accepted until February 25, 2021, 10:00 AM
  8. Entries who passed the screening will be posted on February 26-28, 2021.
  9. The community will vote on who wins the title.

Follow the steps below on how to vote once entries are posted:

♥ React to the entry photo you like.
♥Comment “Vote” on the comment section of the photo you’re voting for.
♥ Include your IGN and Server when voting.
♥ Valid Vote: Reacted + Comment Vote, IGN, Server on the chosen entry
♥ Max of 1 Vote per legit FB account.
♥ In case of a tie, the entry with the most reaction will be the winner

Participant: 50 pcs Random Dye (Bounded)

Each of the winners will receive:

  • 30pcs Ivory White Dye
  • Fashion Pack 

May contain one of the following fashion packs:
Sparrow Plume Fashion Pack
Cunning Viscount Pack
Timely Rabbit Fashion Female or Male Pack
Vintage Rogue Female or Male Fashion Pack
Rabbit Home Female Pack
Sweet Bunny Female Pack.


IGN: Hymm & Panigale
Server : Star Proxima

Hymm Wearing an “Energetic Lass top” with a hint of Tangerin for that Burst of Summer Pop
Mixed with a peach-colored “Punk Rock Pants” and pairing it with that adorable “Sweetheart Heels”

Panigale is Serving you a Summer Casual ensemble showcasing that “Union Jack V Neck Shirt ”
And “Casual Beach Shorts” and finishing it with a “BoardWalk Sandals”

Giving you that Pre Summer welcome.

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