Fashions Finest December 2020

Jan 15, 2021 | Fashions Finest

December 2020 Fashions Finest GM’s Choice:

IGN: Creamilly
Server: New Moon
“The halls feel big and vivid now that you are away,
when you chose her over me, why can’t you just stay?
As I stand here hoping that I will someday be fine,
I’m desperately trying reignite the warmth of a love which was once mine. (Chz)”
-Creamilly, circa 2020

Remaining true to the government’s “Stay at Home Order”, all this gal could do is to stick herself indoors and, beside the faint heat of her scented candles, reminisce her lost love who is probably on his way home to Visayas via Ro-Ro as a locally stranded individual. Whilest looking at the old photographs, she can’t help but wonder, can they still have another shot at love?
Now, with my entry for the fashion finest, the ensemble consists of the following garments, to wit:
Lonely Hearts Cap as an accurate representation of my heart’s current state.
Punk Rock Pants to emphasize that bootylicious booty chanelling my inner “marupok” .. ene beeeeiii…
Rabbit Poet Heels to exude that Shakespear-esque look while being a certified “Titas of Pangu”.
And to top it all off, the Christmas Soubrette Coat, to symbolize that whatever storms we may brave through the year, we always have that one season where we feel most the true essence of family and friends simply wrapped around and enveloping us.

We’ve added additional winners in Celebration of the Yuletide Season

Most Reacted Entry:

Ign: Yami’
Server: New Moon

Create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” Make it simple, but significant.
Wearing my Christmas Cowboy Jacket, Christmas Cowboy Pants, Christmas Cowboy Boots and mixed with Brokeback Hairstyle, Sinful flame gloves and with Piercing frost Fashion weapon to complete my Old Town Road Lil Nas Fashion style


Random Winner:

IGN: Venenia
Server: New Moon
I love mixing casual and festive pieces together, at least you can still be festive and be yourself at the same time.
In this outfit is the Red Christmas Soubrette Coat, Blue Sexy Trendy Shorts, Red Christmas Soubrette Shoes, Woodlands Hood, and the Mysterious Universe Sword (Female)


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