Admit it we love SLAY’ing! Want to be one of the Perfect World Fashions Finest Model of the month?

Duration: May 20-23, 2021


  1. Must have purchased any of the following from the Item Mall with the same character used in the entry.
      • Ice Cloud Wand ♂
        Ice Cloud Wand ♀
        Frozen Cluster ♂
        Frozen Cluster ♀
        Frostblossom Staff ♂
        Frostblossom Staff ♀
        Iceflower Fists ♂
        Iceflower Fists ♀
        Coldbloom Crossbow ♂
        Coldbloom Crossbow ♀
        Lotus Crystal ♂
        Lotus Crystal ♀
        Ice Lotus Blade ♂
        Ice Lotus Blade ♀
        Dark Blue Lilly Saber♂
        Dark Blue Lilly Saber♀
        Frost Flower Scythe ♂
        Frost Flower Scythe ♀
      • And Jade Revelation top for Female
        Silk Wisdom Jacket for Male
  2. Mix and Match any fashion with the given Fashion item relevant to the theme “Frozen Summer”.
    • Download the template here:
    • Insert a screenshot of your character Full Front (Pose),  And Half body.
    • Don’t forget to show your In-Game Name in the image.
    • Share the post publicly on your Facebook wall.
    • Attach your entry photo at the comment section with the description of your fashion set, include your IGN (Case sensitive), Server, Hashtags
      #PerfectWorld #PlayParkPH #PWFFFrozenSummer #DitoMasaya and Tag 3 friends to join the event.

Criteria for Judging:
Audience Impact/People Choice(most liked) – 20%
Poise and Posture/Theme – 30%
Uniqueness of Concept – 30%
Overall Artistic Impression – 20%

Participant: 50 pcs Random Dye (Bounded)

The winner will receive:

  • 30pcs Ivory White Dye
  • Winterlord’s Fashion Set