Fashions Finest: White Christmas 2023

Dec 6, 2023 | Events, News

Admit it, we love SLAY’ing!
Want to be one of the Perfect World Fashions Finest Model of the month?

Duration: December 6-10, 2023.


  • Must have purchased any of the following from the Item Mall with the same character used in the entry.
      • Christmas Royal Fashion
      • Rage Dragon Fashion
  • Mix and Match any fashion with the given fashion item.
    • This month’s theme is “White Christmas”
    • Take a Video of your character wearing your Fashions Finest Entry Full Front, Back, 3/4 (Pose)
    • Video duration should be 15-30 seconds only, no editing or effects are needed.
    • Entrants must not use copyrighted material in their videos (Music or Images)
      To be safe make it raw with perfect world background music and SFX only.
    • Minimum 720p resolution, optimally 1080HD
    • Winners will be required to submit their Raw Video.
    • Add the Perfect World Fashions finest logo to your video

    • Don’t forget to put your In-Game name (Case sensitive) to the posted video.
    • Post your Video entry on your Facebook Wall (Publicly) with the description of your fashion set, including your IGN (Case sensitive), Server, Hashtags
      #PlayparkPerfectWorld #PWFashionsFinest #PerfectWhiteChristmas2023
      Reminder: The post should be set to public upon posting, editing the audience may cause errors in searching your entry.
    • Leave any comment at the event post. (For cross-checking purposes only)

Don’t know how to record your game?
If you have GeForce Experience installed press ALT+F9 to record your screen you will see the output on your video folder.
(You can see the settings from GeForce Experience overlay ALT+Z)

Other option:

Download your recording software.
OBS Studio (Link) it’s free.

  1. Add a Scene
  2. Add Sources: required IMAGE, TEXT, Window Capture (Make sure your game client is running to be detected).
  3. Click Start Recording
  4. See output video (Settings>Output>Recording Path).

Criteria for Judging:
Theme Relevance – 25%
Audience Impact/People Choice (most liked) – 15%
Poise and Posture/Theme – 30%
Uniqueness – 30%

Participant: 50 pcs Random Dye (Bounded)

The winner (1 Male, 1 Female) will receive:

  • Celestial: Rainbow Glowing
  • 10pcs Ivory White Dye


The GM Team may revise and amend these mechanics, if necessary, at its own discretion.
In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
For questions, you may message the official Facebook page

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