Fortune Keys can be bought 50% off their original price!
from April 14 to 17, 2020, 8:00 AM only
You can exchange this key to Trade Deputy Wang Cai for a Lucky Key

This item is used for Treasure Seeking, you can access treasure seeking on the “Key” icon below your minimap

You can view possible rewards and set bulk seeking treasure option by pressing “Treasure Setting”

Aurum: is gained when you Seek treasures, 20 Aurums can get you free two chests after you Seek treasure:Aurum

A little sneak peek on our upcoming Magic Kingdom Patch.
The Treasure Seeking rewards will be updated soon! Save those keys for these future goodies!

New Elemental Spirit: Monsoon
It has its own default skill which gives 2 Chi if level 100, begins with 10 of each attribute, and has a guaranteed 100/100 Random Points.

Monsoon’s Initial Skill: Chant of Vigor

Fu Xi’s Soul Stone

Tai Hao’s Soul Stone