FREE Glyph Pack Lv 2

Mar 11, 2021 | Item Mall

✨FREE Glyph Pack Lv 2✨

For every 100 Gold worth of purchase, you will get FREE 5 Glyph Pack Lv 2.
(Max of 500 pcs Glyph Pack Lv2 per account)

Duration: March 10, 2020 (12:00 AM) until March 12, 2020 (11:59 PM) GMT+8.

Glyph System is a skill-enhancing system available for players that have reached their Havoc Esteem or higher. Players can combine their True(Heaven) and Dark(Hell) skills and then equip Glyphs to further enhance the power or effect of their skills.

Get your Glyph packs now Heroes!