Magical Adore Coin Now Available!

Feb 14, 2023 | Item Mall, News

Get the limited edition items using the Magical Adore Coin!

Visit the NPC locations to exchange your Magical Adore Coin.

NPC Location: Dragon City (525 636)
Ambassador Maomao



NPC Location: Magic Kingdom (350 546)
President Nhevahya

Exchange Rewards

Astrid Casual Fashion Set

Xia Feng Casual Fashion Set

Peach Song Fashion Set

Magical Weapon Ticket Double-Hand Long Weapon

Magical Weapon Sword

Magical Weapon Sword 2

Magical Weapon Saber

Magical Weapon Double-Hand Sword

Magical Fashion Weapon Ticket Talisman

Magical Fashion Weapon Ticket Short Staff

Magical Fashion Weapon Ticket Scythe

Magical Fashion Weapon Ticket Fist

Magical Fashion Weapon Ticket Dagger

Magical Fashion Weapon Ticket Bow

Magic Kingdom Yoyo Ball Cute Pet

Magic Kingdom Runaway Bride Transformation

Magic Kingdom Rainbow Light

Magic Kingdom Peach Heart Cute Pet

Magic Kingdom Kitten Pao Cute Pet

Magic Kingdom Kaka Tiger Cute Pet

Magic Kingdom Humpty Dumpty Transformation

Magic Kingdom Glaze Rabbit Cute Pet

Magic Kingdom Galactic Child Transformation

Iceheart Pack  Zen Blade

Iceheart Pack Silkloom

Iceheart Pack Roseheart Pinion

Iceheart Pack Icicle Awl

Iceheart Pack Fey Tidewings

Iceheart Pack Azure Dragon

Frost Hunter Fashion Set

Darkmoon Pack Wings of Nova


Darkmoon Pack Star Shadow

Darkmoon Pack Skyseer Tome

Darkmoon Pack Moon Slik

Darkmoon Pack Mephistuffeles

Darkmoon Pack Feral Flame

and many more!

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