GM Jo-Jo Birthday Blowout

Jan 24, 2022 | Events, Item Mall


Here’s my Birthday Blowout for everyone!


I. Birthday Mega Lotto

Duration: January 25 (12AM) to January 28 (11:59PM)
For every 100 Gold worth of purchase from the Item Mall, gives you 2 FREE Fortune Keys + 1 Lotto Ticket~
Item Usage: Can be traded to Trade Deputy Wang Cai for Lucky Keys, which can be used to search for items in the Treasures interface.
And, for every 2,000 Gold worth of purchase from the Item Mall, gives you 1 Moon Ode Box~
Use Moon Ode Box and acquire 1 of the following(randomly):


Lotto Prizes(Per Server):
1 winner Ascension Crown
1 winner Matchless Wings
2 winners Chrono Fetch Luck Pouch (Non-Trade)

2 winners Glyph Pack Level 7 (Non-Trade)
3 winners 25 pcs Xia Feng Command Sword
5 winners War Avatar Chest: S (Non-Trade)



II. Birthday Login Event

Duration: January 28 (12AM) – January 31 (11:59PM)


  1. A player must be level 95+ to join.
  2. Go online and get your Mortal Windsong Badge

    from NPC Windsong Valley Lord Song Xian.
  3. Do this for 3 days to be qualified for the reward.

Only the Windsong Badge from the Midlands. Echo of the valley quest is counted per day.

500 Arcane Legend Pills
1 Bless Pack: Longevity Star
1 Vendor Coupon
1 Speaker Coupon
1 Quiksilver Spurs
1 Possession: Phoenix Feather

Bless Pack: Longevity Star
Relic duration 7Days
Def +500
MDef +500
Atk Rating +10
Def Rating +10
Ex Rating +100
Atk Penetration +300
MAtk Penetration +300


III. Birthday Boost

Enjoy 3x EXP, and 2x Soul and Drop Boost from January 29 (12AM) to January 30 (11:59 PM)
Thank you for celebrating with me.