Hero of the Month: APRIL

May 3, 2021 | Hero of the Month

With a total of 40 votes, Meet our April 2021 Hero of the Month, Edward of Sun server!

IGN: Edward
Clan: Arkhos
Level:  103
Class: Wu Shih
Server: Sun

Bio:  I started playing when I was in elementary around 2009, I borrow my Aunt’s account for dungeon runs, experience boosts, and territorial war. Then in 2017 I started my own character The game is very dynamic which I like most, it’s challenging gameplay especially during PvP which enhances your decisiveness, active observation, and skills My accomplishment so far is being able to have to opportunity to join the Phoenix Council Wars under the 3rd team of Clan Sentinels in Chimera Server which triggered my great interest in PvP and hard work in making my character better

Perfect World Moment:
My most unforgettable moment in this game happened during Playpark XP 2017 where I won the Cosplay Contest wearing a Yu Ling 2nd Recast Armor Set and Rank 9 Recast weapon

What makes you unique? 
I should be the Hero of the Month because of my passion for the game, like helping the Perfect World Community with simple inquiry, in order to guide them much better I believe this is one of the opportunities for me to gain their trust by seeing me one of the Hero of the Month. My 4 years of involvement with the Perfect World has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge about different gameplay and approaches to teach newbies.

Why you should pick me:
I should be the hero of the month for 3 reasons; For several years, I can’t endure not playing the game because of my enthusiasm in playing Perfect World; I always give an unmeasurable time and effort in playing this without compromising my social and work life outside the game; lastly, ever since I played, I never violated any rules, regulations, and guidelines and I am confident to say that I’ve always upheld my values in dealing with other players regardless of their actions

Motto or life lesson:
Facts over baseless opinions.

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