IGN: Mhilo
Clan:  Amicorum
Level: 103
Class:  Yu Xia
Server:  New Moon

Bio: I was researching my assignment, during my college days in 2007, in a computer shop near our university, when I first saw this game. A classmate of mine showed me this game and I fell in love with it at first sight. It was totally new to me. Back then, most of the online games do not offer flight, editing your character’s face and all to your liking, snuggling, and for crying out loud, you can even swim. Those things were like a taboo to most games. Ragnarok was my first online game and stopped because I was only in elementary when it started. Dial-up alert! See the difference with the graphics and all? Hahaha! Going back to the beautiful land of Perfect World, Yao Jing was my first job. I am amazed that they have an actual summoner job, again, the first time for me. You can even transform into a fox (though I was hoping to transform into a bat). Hunting rare pets were my favorite; I even have a notepad saved for their respawn time. I have met most of the legendary Yao Jings of the past and listened to their advice on how to be a good one. My pride and joy are from Fidelis of the Tiger server. I have met so many friends, my introvert self is finally having friends, in-game, and in real life. From Tiger to Chimera, are you going to ask me why my server changed? I had to quit playing in 2010 to focus on my real life’s job. However, I still keep in contact with my friends. When I decided to go back to the game, I was thrilled. Little did I know, that the game was about to close in a month. It was very heartbreaking for me. I would definitely recommend this to all people. Let us be honest, it has its ups and downs. However, the whole journey you will experience will all make it worthwhile. The game will surely have you hooked up and surprised with all the ongoing and upcoming events, developments, and more. You can never imagine the thrill you’ll have.

Why you should pick me: Uniqueness is something all living creatures have, even if you have an identical twin. Your personality is what’s making you unique. However, being the Hero of the Month would allow me to show or help other players like me, who keeps on striving in-game even though you don’t have the financial capabilities most players have. We need to let them know and all other would-be players that they can enjoy still the game. There are tons of ways you can earn in this game and a lot of helpful players too, not to mention the moderators of the game, who are in their free time, help in quests, offer a lot of events, and gives great advice.

IGN: Olivia
Clan:  Alliance
Level: 103
Class Fa Shih
Server:  Sun

Bio: School and cheerleading training are stressful at some point and that is what got me into playing perfect world. This game become an outlet of my stresses, when playing this game, I fell at ease in my comfortable ways because of that I continue playing this game. We can also learn the essence of the camaraderie and the importance of teamwork there this game, I also gained some friends that became my comrades who helped me do my best in every territorials wars and dungeons, doing my best to level up so that I can contribute significantly in every activities of the guild being the team player really works in accomplishing goals. I am playing Audition Battle before I got in perfect world and started playing Tiger server. You will encounter a lot of games and that one captures interest will be the one you’ll playing and spend time and efforts, but I am to recommend a game I will say play perfect world because this is a fun game that will give you joy when playing, a game you will play for hours and it feels just like playing in minutes, This game can also disconnect you to the world you’re trying to escape sometimes, no game is perfect there will always be flaws but at one point you will find that this game a game to play and you just can’t resist playing it more and more not because of the competition, not because of the race to the top it’s because you love doing it. A game that is one of a kind, helping you to be who you are, technically wise. This game is good and continually improving to be better.

Why you should pick me: This is a critical question in the process and I know that all players in this game are more powerful, strong, and skillful than I am. What makes me unique is I learned how to be patient and eager to achieve success regardless of the experiences of other candidates. I can speak to the qualifications that make me the best fit for this position to bring creativeness, be a motivation, and enhance my strategic skills to the playpark perfect world in-game.

IGN: Yagami
Clan:  Insignia
Level: 104
ClassFa Shih

Bio: Started playing this game since 2008, Back then player na ako ng ibat ibang online games hindi nga lang RPG since wala pa akong PC before. then nung time na na-introduce sakin tong game na to ng mga friends ko. I find it very interesting. from character customization, player PVP, PVE’s (Dungeon Hunts). nagsilbi tong bonding naming magkakaibigan. may times pa na inaabot kami ng magdamagan mag hunt lang ng Fame, Exp pero Enjoy!. Tiger Server ako before and ang Class ko mula noon til now is Fa Shih (Human Race). I would really recommend Playpark Perfect World to all players around the world kasi this is a super friendly game, makaka-meet na ng different types of people and makakabonding mo sila all throughout the game.

Why you should pick me: 
I think i should be the Hero of the Month kasi i’m a very passionate person on whatever I am doing, sobrang matyaga ako and mahaba yung pasensya, I like helping people whenever they need kahit sa pinaka maliit na bagay basta kaya ko.

IGN: duuuuudz
Clan:  Valhalla
Level: 103
ClassWu Xia
Server New Moon

Bio: Perfect World will never go out of style. Wayback 2007, when I started playing this game and unfortunately stopped by the year 2011 due to some priorities and that includes my whole day of work. Recently, this year 2020 since the pandemic occurrence, I got the time to play this back. I do like the flight fashion serves by this game. My accomplishments in guild/race would be my help and contribution to my mates and friends for some parts of the quests. Before, I engage in Ran Online and Dota. I play on Serpent Server before I take part in Playpark Perfect World. Lastly, I would and could recommend this game for it creates friendship. You get to know a lot of people and that is somehow interesting. This game also serves as my stress reliever from all the work and can ease your anxiety that may encounter during this pandemic. 

Why you should pick me: What makes me unique? I can stay up all night knowing I have my work-from-home in the morning. I can neither reply nor notice my girlfriend. Lol. Kidding aside, what makes me unique is my attitude, my passion, and my experience towards this game. And, I think that sums it up.

IGN: Greta
Clan:  Amicorum
Level: 101
Class: Yao Jing
Server:  New Moon

Bio: I started playing Perfect World about a year ago. My brother is fond of Perfect World. He plays the game almost every day. I got really curious about it so I started playing. At first, I liked the scenery in-game. It is very realistic. Then, I discovered the fashions and I loved the game even more. My accomplishments for my guild would be placing runner-up when I competed in the PlayPark’s Got Talent during the Xtreme Paskuhan. Perfect World is the first game that I have played if you will not count Candy Crush. I like to recommend PlayPark Perfect World to all the players around the world because it is a very well rounded game. It’s like Sims meets Street Fighter. You can build your own home, marry the love of your life and at the same time go to war and kick some ass.

Why you should pick me: I would like to be the Hero of the Month to represent all the froshies in the game. I want to show everyone that we Gen Zs can also go toe-to-toe with the Boomers of Perfect World.

IGN: Rolex
Clan:  Insignia
Level: 105
ClassYe Ying

Bio: My journey started when Perfect World PH open its Sun server for BETA. I played CABAL and Ragnarok before but I never thought that I would be hooked into this game. The gameplay is such incredibly amazing, user friendly and the graphics are top notched. I would highly recommend Perfect World PH to my friends because we don’t die in-game, we just respawn. We never get old, we just level up.

Why you should pick me: Being alone, and away from the Philippines is stressful, it brings yous anxiety and distress specially during this unprecedented situation when the pandemic strikes. Perfect World is my stress reliever, my go to virtual world connecting people, gaining friends and camaraderie when in real world we might never have the chance to cross paths. #PerfectWorldPH #DitoMasaya #Rolex

IGN: Ducreux
Clan:  Maharlika
Level: 105
Class Yu Xia

Bio: Magandang Buhay, Nagsimula ako maglaro ng Perfect World sa taong 2009 at sa Serpent server ako unang bahay, tapos ngayon na hawak na ng Playpark , sa CBT days ako nagsimula. Bukod sa Perfect World, nahilig din ako sa Heroes of Newert, Dota 2, pero tumagal ako sa Dragon Nest Sea. Pero nung nabalitaan ko na ang pagbabalik ng Perfect World, tumigil na ako sa Dragon Nest. Tumigil ako sa Dragon Nest at mas pinili ko ang Playpark Perfect World dahil ito ang unang online game ang nilaro ko, at bumalik lahat ng alaala na nilalaro ko to dati. Sa ngayon, wala pa akong nakamit na tagumpay sa Perfect World, pero dito ako sumaya at sasaya pa sa tulong ng kalaro ko at clanmates ko po. Mairerecomenda ko po itong laro na po (Playpark Perfect World) sa mga mahilig pantasya at hiwaga ng mundo dahil may kakaibang laro na hatid sa mga manlalaro. At ang masasabi ko lang, subukan nila itong laro at mag-enjoy.

Why you should pick me: Ako ang karapatdapat na maging Hero of the Month for September dahil nasa akin ang katangian ng isang HERO; may integridad, walang bahid na kasalanan, birhen, matulungin at higit sa lahat mabait na manlalaro at walang inaapakang ibang tao.