Hero of the Month June2021 Candidates

Jun 23, 2021 | Hero of the Month

Get to know more about our Hero of the Month Candidates!


IGN: Hymm
Clan: Arkhos
Level:  103
Class: Yu Xia
Server: Sun

Bio:  I started playing back in 2014 and what really caught my attention was its aesthetics and the fashion feature. I am a fashion designer and the fashion feature really encouraged me to play, another bonus is the community of the game. I never thought that I can really build a strong relationship with people I will be meeting in the game. One of the many accomplishments I’ve gained since playing the game for the last 7 years is the friendship that I gained throughout the years. I am very happy since the game moved to PlayPark because the events are so fun and the incentives are rewarding. I was recently hailed as the first Ms. Bikini Open 2021 and I am so proud of this achievement because it’s a collective effort with my in-game friends it was such a fulfilling experience because we were able to win such a huge event with all our efforts.

Perfect World Moment:
One of the most memorable experiences I’ve has was during the Proxima Event. I originally played in New Moon when the server opened but I took Proxima as an opportunity for me to meet new people and finally be able to catch up in terms of items. I never thought that I would gain friends that I got so close during the 3 months I played in Proxima this I think is one of the many moments I will forever treasure. My clanmates helped me a lot in my in-game growth and to succeed in many events that I participated in. I remember joining the Bikini Open very recently and a lot of my clanmates cheered for me and other competitors in the event. All of us were having so much fun that we forgot it was a competition and just purely had fun.

What makes you unique? 
When the pandemic started my go-to place was Pangu. I spent most of my time in-game because we couldn’t do much with the lockdown that happened. If it was the other way around I would’ve dealt with it differently and with much challenge which is why I am thankful that I was able to talk to people even just in-game throughout the pandemic. HotM I think should serve as a role model to others. I remember when I was starting in Spectre now Arkhos I have had a lot of help from the past HotMs in the likes of Melusine, Syntrex, Keziah, and many to mention. They exerted efforts in helping us newbies to be successful in the game and I took it as an inspiration for me to be someone who can help others who’s starting out in the game.

Why you should pick me:
Vote for me because I am a candidate with a purpose.
I want to serve as a role model for others to be motivated to improve and be better.
I want to serve as an inspiration to others that newbies can make it too.

Motto or life lesson:
If you can’t do it yourself, Pay Someone to do it for you.


Clan: Valhalla
Level:  105
Class:Yao Jing
Server:New Moon

Bio:  I was introduced to the beautiful world of Pangu way back in 2007 when I and my ex-boyfriend started playing Perfect World. My first character ever created was Yu Ling since I wanted to play the role of support but then I found the Yao Shou’s Tiger Form very cute. That’s when I decided to change classes. After a few months of playing, I got curious about the Yao Jing class so I tried to create a new character. I fell in love with the Yao Jing since they summon pets to fight alongside your character! Due to the recent migration, I was able to play the Yao Jing character I’ve made again last June 2020 over the New Moon server. There are many things I liked about Perfect World: The absolutely stunning environments, which I never saw anyone say that the game is ugly because everything is good-looking; The character customization, which is one feature I really loved the most! Who doesn’t like customizing your character’s appearance, mixing and matching different fashion items as you see fit! Another thing that I like about the game is that it gives players challenging content, both in PvE and PVP. Back then, I wasn’t able to reach level 105 on my character. But now, she reached level 105. I also joined Playpark Perfect World’s Streamer Bounty Season 3. I still can’t believe that I had the most reacted banner and became one of the Top Streamers!

Perfect World Moment:
An unforgettable Perfect World moment that I’ve experienced is when I was invited to participate in the PCW 2015 as a shoutcaster. It was indeed a nerve-wracking experience but my co-shout caster was able to help me overcome my fear. I still remember experiencing issues during that time when our Spectator account got disconnected and we had to rely on the Big Screen where the players also watch the ongoing battle. This was a humbling opportunity that I am very grateful for since I can proudly say “That was me! :>” while looking at old videos of the event.

What makes you unique? 
I didn’t tell anyone that I started playing again last June 2020 since I wanted to play solo, clearing quests and solo-ing VM runs when I was still within my Astral Days. Time went by I saw players needing assistance with their quests. I started joining clans so that I am able to help these players since I understand how it feels to be alone, and I don’t want that to be experienced by these players who try their best to enjoy the game. If I become a Hero of the Month, I’ll show the community that you are never alone in this Perfect World. :>

Why you should pick me:
I do hope that I will gain your vote as a Hero of the Month!
I would also like to appreciate all of those who continue to believe in me! :>

Motto or life lesson:
Someone recently shared this with me, “Be kind to others, but be kind to yourself first”.

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