Hero of the Month: May

Jun 7, 2021 | Hero of the Month

With a total of 70 votes, Meet our May 2021 Hero of the Month, Raia of Sun server!

IGN: Raia
Clan: Arkhos
Level:  103
Class: Wu Shih
Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing in 2015 when I was just a wee little fellow. The game called my attention because of the amazing graphics and how the game play works. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first I was just going around completing quests until I was routed to Dragon City where I saw the good stuff. A lot of high tier players at the time were dueling and I thought to myself “I want to be like that one day”. Accomplishments, there are so many game accomplishments to mention but what really measures up to my top list is the friends that I gained throughout my PW Journey. I remember school became hectic so I had to pause playing for a while and then NAP came last year. I was so happy I got to play again and get a new toon that is boosted to catch up with other player so When Proxima came I was so excited to play again because I know I will meet new people and gain new friends which I did! Added bonus was the help that we get from the PlayPark MODS and CM/GM the environment is completely different we get help and daily events which was so fun. I am so happy the game is still here and that PlayPark maintains the game and is keeping the community and environment a fun and safe place for us gamers!

Perfect World Moment:
Proxima has changed my gaming experience to the next level. I joined Spectre Clan now Arkhos not knowing that this place will be my second home. I got to meet amazing people who are very generous in helping people. I had a lot of challenges in the game because I played late but I was able to overcome all of it with the help of my clanmates. Every night we would talk over discord about silly stuff of game related topics this I think is one of the most unforgettable moments I’ve had with PW because I’ve never bonded with other players like this.

What makes you unique? 
If there is one thing this pandemic thought me, it is the fact that distance is not a hindrance in meeting new people and helping people. A lot of us were isolated when the pandemic hit but I am thankful that PlayPark Perfect World paved the way for me to gain new friends, beat the boredom and have so much fun. This I think is a trait any HotM should have, being optimistic and spreading good word and experience about the game. An HotM should be a trailblazer and should set an example about what the game promotes and I am 100% confident that I am all that!

Why you should pick me:
I am a humble person who believes that it is important to take 2 steps back and 1 foot forward in whatever situation you are put in. Vote for me not because I need it but because I am a person who is capable of being a trendsetter and a role model to others! Thank you in advance <3

Motto or life lesson:
No matter how cool you are you are never too cool to belittle anyone 😉

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