Hero of the Month November 2022 Winner

Nov 28, 2022 | Events, Hero of the Month


In-Game Name: 







Yu Xia



Bio(Tell us your Perfect World journey make it short):

I started playing Perfect World on my server, Dragon, in 2012, and I enjoy playing this type of game with many quests and things to do and really challenging tasks. This September, I tried to see if there was still a perfect world, and it’s great to hear that there are still people who love and play the perfect world game.

Unforgettable Perfect World Moment:

On Perfect World, an unforgettable moment is learning a lot of stuff from the new caves, and most of the time there are a lot of mistakes and mechanics to do, so I always mess up on those kinds of things.

Why you should pick me:

You should pick me because I’m really active in Perfect World, playing for almost 9 hours a day, and I really love the Perfect World community.

Message to voters:

To my voters, kindly help me so that we can be strong together and we can grind a lot every day!

Motto or life lesson:

“Kung may dadating man, Sana yung reward neto sa inbox ko”