Hero of the Month March2021

Mar 15, 2021 | Hero of the Month

With a total of 67 valid votes, Meet our March 2021 Hero of the Month, Shindie of New Moon server!

Level:  104
Class: Yu Mang
Server:New Moon

Bio:  Gosh, I’m probably an ancient player now. I started playing PW back when I was still a scrawny little teen from Zamboanga. The year was 2010, my server was Tiger, and my IGN ever since was always Shindie. To be honest, I was really a casual player back then, I had school stuff and other priorities. Never would I ever imagine that Perfect World would stick to my system like glue. The thing that I love about PW is how beautiful this game is. When I played the PW for the first time, I was really amazed on what you can do. I mean, you can fly up, swim down, ride horses, the list goes on and on. It was so unreal and that got me really hooked. Given that PW is more than a decade old game, it will still captivate new players till this day. It’s like wine, PW aged beautifully and I am hoping I’m still active to see what is instore for years to come. I could say that my Shindie is a very fulfilled character now compared to what I have started 11 years ago. My accomplishments were very little when I started, Shindie only progressed recently after the migration. She now in the process of crafting her G17 bow (AR70) has decent armors and above all a signature fxn that easily identifies her among the rest. <3

Perfect World Moment:
I will never forget the anxiety I got when I migrated my Shindie from the old servers to New Moon. I was filled with mixed emotions, uber excited that FINALLY I play again after all those years and at the same time thinking over and over if I’ve done it correctly or not. The feels were very unsettling but eventually, ultra rewarding when I got to log in and saw my level 1 ShindieT (Shinde + Tiger server = ShindieT, remember that?) with all gears included. Thank goodness everything went well. 😀

What makes you unique?
I think what sets me apart from the rest is I am really emotionally invested in PW. I treat everyone that I came across with respect and kindness. Players sometimes forget that there is a real person behind every toon. There is no way, shape, or form that any of us are entitled to ruin their playing experience by being disrespectful, rude or bullying them, regardless if you are high level, mid-level, or a newbie. I mean, that’s just awful. I always try to radiate that aura of kindness and respect towards other players. In that way, I could influence them to be the same. I know this is just a game but for some of us, it’s a sanctuary for tired souls that seeks refuge from the real world into their own version of a perfect world. 🙂

Why you should pick me:
To anyone who will vote for Shindie. First of all, thank you! I appreciate you very much :* Thank you for staying at home, playing PW, and doing your best not to spread the virus that plagued us last year. be safe and let’s go and fill our hearts with love and positivity. We badly needed that after last year’s mess. <3

Motto or life lesson:
This is not entirely original but a wise man once told me this.
Magkiba ang pinaglalaban sa pinagpipilitan. (Determination is different from desperation.)
A very simple statement that can be applied to almost anything in life, in my opinion. If you are really determined about something, be logical about it. Take it easy and enjoy your journey. Never dive in blindly in desperation without thinking if it’s shallow or deep. Sarili mo lang din sinaktan mo pag dating sa dulo.

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