Available now Cloudflow Sunshine lucky box. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until February 4, 2019 (8:00AM)!

Get a chance to win the rare Igneous Firedrake Mount.

But wait there’s more! If you’re lucky you can get Cloudflow Flyer Token. Check the list of flights below.

Human – Scroll of the Truth

Beastkin – Lamb of God

Wingkin – Ominous Raven

Tideborne – Flowing Rainbow

Earthen – Shining Butterflies

Moonshade – Love of Arbor

Our Fashion of the Week Engraved and Sakura Set.

Wishful Incense Stick – a buff which increase: Atk/Matk, Def/Mdef and Max HP. The buff lasts 30 mins, disappears as the target dies, buff can be debuffed.

When the server-wide Wishful Incense count attains 100,000, Budhi’s Oracle NPC will appear and you may use the item Wishful Incense to exchange for Chest of Dreams.

Our Fashion of the Week Winter Uniform and Winter School Set.