Who knows how many stars are? Who knows how many magpies on the bridge?
I want every star to be attached to my thoughts, and every magpie to know my concerns!
Together with your other half, help the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl build the Magpie Bridge, meet and relive the classic love story!

June 28 to July 05, 2021

During the event duration, players who are Level 90 above with Heaven/Hell esteem can team up with other players to participate in the event.
– Male and Female characters have to party up, with the Male as the Party Leader.
– Go to Heaven Map 455,578 to Cowherd NPC to get the quest.
– Help Cowherd breakthrough the 2 Epiphany Bird, 2 Silkwash Avatar, and 2 Skytrek Maiden.
– Get the rewards at 447,572 Weaver NPC.

Goldwind Dew:
Have a chance to gain:

Astrospira Pearl Lv2 (2)
Astrobana Pearl Lv2 (2)
Nebula Dust Orb (2)
War Avatar Treasure Box (1)
Rose Heart (1) – Consumable, Right-click to use.
Love Magpie (5) – Right-click to use, Add-in the effect of Surrounding Roses to the target and to yourself.
Qixi Affection Card (1) – Beauty lies in the lover’s eye.
Collect 5 these to get the Magpie Festival title.


Homestead Graph Valentine Pack:
Open to obtain one of the three designgraphs of Chinese Valentine’s Day Series:
Cloud Steps

Golden Ingot

Foggy Mist