The Winterlord’s Absolute is available now.
It will be in our Item Mall until March 16, 2020 (8:00 AM)!

All players who purchased the ₱50 Winterlord’s Absolute will be mailed an additional Winterlord’s Absolute lottery box when the price is fixed to ₱25.

Power: Packs 

contains 18 tablets of the specific pack

The Penglai King War Avatars

Contains random Avatar Cards from Six Candleflame Sovereigns Set

Ghost Wing

Emperor Ache


Emperor Chigo

Mistress of the Night

Ghost Wing

Emperor Locen

 Acoustic Media

The media that contains divine acoustic. Divine power is
spinning in it.
The important material for ringAcoustic Engraving. Can be used at
Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall.

Sigil of Elysium Pack
Contains 5 Sigils of Elysium used to craft Profaned Wood, a material for Dragonbreath G17 Weapon.

 Dragonbreath Sigil Pack:
It contains 5 Dragonbreath Sigils used to craft Draconic Essence, a material for Dragonbreath G17 Weapon.

 Dull Draconic Essence
A dull orb of energy that can be refined into a Dragonbreath material.

 Wind Rider Token
Choose from one of the class flights

Skyseer’s Tome
Fa Shih, Wu Xia


Yao Shou, Yao Jing

Wings of the Nova
Yu Ling, Yu Mang


Moon Silk
Xi Shou, Wu Shih

Star Shadow
 Hun Ling, Jian Ling

Feral Flame
Yu Xia, Ye Ying

 Winterlord’s Fashion

 New Item Mall Fashions

Country Star Set     

Foxheart Set