⚔️ Heroes ⚔️

Raise your hand if you want a boost 🙌 Show us how much you want it this Thursday (Aug 20) at the Sun VS Moon Server Competition.🤩

The winning server gets an additional 5 days boost (2x Exp, 2x Soul and 2x Drop).


1.Meeting point location: Victory Prairie (353,813)
2. Minimum Participants to qualify: 50
3. Be in-game during your server’s rally time (7pm call time for Sun and New Moon, the server must have formed before 7:45 PM).
4. Watch out for the GM’s call in-game.
5. All server participants must form a Ninoy Aquino glasses.

6. Bring as many players as you can. The GM will capture the formation via aerial view at the end of the allotted time.


Criteria :

Best formation
Relation to the theme

Worry not. Losing server still gets 3 days boost (2x Exp, 2x Soul, and 2x Drop).

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