October Hero of the Month Winner

Nov 2, 2020 | News

IGN: Vasco 
Clan: Insignia
Level: 105
Class: Yu Xia
Server: Sun

Bio: I started playing Perfect World when I was in fourth grade through a classmate. I played as a cleric in Tiger server at that time, but it did not last that long because as a child, I was too distracted with a lot of things (and a lot of other online games lmao). While playing Perfect World that time, I also played online rhythm games and other MMORPG, but PW had that special spot in me because it allowed me to meet great people from all over the country. I played Perfect World again when it was relaunched in 2018 out of boredom. Did not expect myself to play it for this long to be honest. The game itself is just so inviting. Relative to our other clan members, I tend to play the quiet type. I get a little loud only in party and private chats. I cannot really say that I have done something extra special for my clan, but little things such as helping my clanmates getting their quests done and answering their queries about the game and everything that goes with it are what I do almost all the time. It feels good to help those who are in need. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with this game for a number of reasons, but one thing’s for sure: One will enjoy playing Perfect World. Not only are the in-game features so nice (from the character customization to the amazing graphics to the unique races), but the network of friendship you build with other players all over the country is just so fascinating and almost unbelievable (for someone like me who is really not that good at making friends). Perfect World is a game that you get to enjoy, with friends.

Why you should pick me: I should be the hero of the month because I’m a responsible player. While I enjoy the game almost on a daily basis, I do not forget my responsibilities in the real world. In-game, I conquer the lands of Pan’gu; In real life, I teach students for their future.