The Land of Pangu, The Five Empires, and Alliances are all gearing up for a big leap in Perfect communications: LIVESTREAMING. Do your part and use the FB satellite to get the word out to all heroes out there: They must know they’re not alone! ⚔️

Livestream PlayPark Perfect World on Facebook and get loaded with FREE loots!

Are you a live streamer? uprising internet content creator? Do you know how to Livestream with FB Live? Then that’s all you need!✔
(Click here for a quick and easy guide on how to stream like your favorite streamers.)

From August 12 to August 26, 2019(UPDATED), stream yourself while playing Playpark Perfect World here on Facebook, get “200” total views only within the time period,

and you will get 1 Penglai Weapon and 400 pieces Skypool Scripture(Required material to Recast Penglai Weapon) for FREE. 👀

List of Penglai Weapons(Images Below):

Swords of the Thunderseeker (Jian Ling)
Demon Dragon Horn (Wu Xia)
Demon Dragon Horn(Yao Shou)
Butterfly Metamorphosis (Yu Mang)
Eye of the Blood Demon (Xi Shou)
Celestial Skyshaker (Ye Ying)
Starfall (Hun Ling)
Starfall (Fa Shih)
Starfall (Yu Ling)
Starfall (Yao Jing)
Orb of Truths (Wu Shih)
Celestial Heavenbane (Yu Xia)



– Heroes in Sun and New Moon Server are eligible to join.
– Only 1 Entry per legit facebook account.
– Login and play Playpark Perfect World.
– Stream your game with the content “Playing Perfect World: Age of Discovery Now! Come fly with me!” together with the new features.
– Tag five (5) of your friends and PlayPark Perfect World Page(@PlayPark Perfect World).
– ‼Set your stream to Public.‼ THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
– Include the following in your livestream post:
Download Now >>
Register Now >>

– Fill up the form here: [Click Here]
– The Playpark PW Team will check all entries at the end of the event period and will award prizes accordingly.

Stay tuned for more details, heroes! Keep up the fight!

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