Perfect World – Blood Bath

Nov 8, 2019 | Events, News

Territorial Map Wipe: November 11, 2017

Event Period: November 16, 2019 – January 11, 2019 (2359Hrs)

How to join:

All Clans are eligible to join(No level restriction). Masters must email at for verification. The clan master should only use one email address for the entire duration of the event and must follow the given format below.

Subject Title: [PW Bloodbath] “Server” “Clan Name”

Clan Name:
Clan Master Name:
Clan Master’s Username:
Clan Master’s Character Name:
Contact Information (mobile and email):

10 Members that will participate in the Finals:

Your Clan Master on November 14, 2019 will be considered the registered Clan Master for the whole event duration.
All Clans must not change clan master during the event period.
If a Clan changes their clan master during the event period, the clan will be disqualified from the event, regardless of their current point total.
If account details did not match those provided by the Clan Masters, the score will not be counted nor be added on the next scoring period.
The ownership of Clan Master’s account will be verified.


Only Clans registered on or before Nov 14 are eligible to join in this event.

All Clans that control a territory will automatically get a score.

Territorial Wars Scoring

Participating clan scores will be tallied every Monday. Pointing system is as follows:

  • + 1 Territory = + 3 points
  • – 1 Territory = –2 points
  • All Territories are equivalent to 3 points

Top 2 Clans with the highest number of points in each server will fight in a 10v10 fashion to get the Bloodbath Champion title.

Every week, screenshots and Score will be updated and posted on our fb page and/or website.

*In case of tie in the 2nd and 3rd slot, they will battle for the Top 2 Slot.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics. The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.

Final Four: 10v10 Mechanics

Tournament Maps:

Soaring-Sky Arena; or Rumbling-Cloud Arena


Players will be provided with characters at the tournament venue.

The clan master may select from the twelve available classes – Wu Xia, Fa Shih, Yao Shou, Yao Jing, Yu Mang, Yu Ling, Xi Shou, Wu Shih, Jian Ling, Hun Ling, Ye Ying and Yu Xia to fill out their roster of ten (10) members.

Job class selections CANNOT be repeated. Non-combat pets, flight devices and mounts will not be allowed.

For each tournament venue, a player cannot change his/her chosen character job.

Yao Jing characters will be supplied with the legendary pets.

Players can use Skill Macros.

Amulets, Hierograms, Potions and Pills will all be made available to the players.


The GM facilitator will log on the accounts containing the characters the team will use for the pre-match setup.

Players have 5 minutes to assign macros and skill hotkeys and set equipments.

Players are not allowed to change the default key bindings.

Each character will be assigned a fixed amount of Potions, Pills and Amulet/Hierograms. Players will be responsible for managing their supplies until the end of the day’s tournament.

Participants are not allowed to buff until the buffs up time is declared inside the arena. If there are buffs originating from a character and not on your team, you will be penalized with a foul for each character with an illegal buff. The match will also be restarted if the illegal buffs are discovered before the match starts or the gates open.


Level 105/105/105
2,000,000,000 Soul
All available skills learned


+12 Rank 9 Weapon [Wrath Stone – 2 Slots]
+12 Rank 9 Weapon [Rampart Stone – 2 Slots]
+12 Rank 9 Weapon [Stone of Pan’gu – 2 Slots]
+10 Rank 9 Armor (Upper, Lower, Arm and Foot) [Wrath Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 Rank 9 Armor (Upper, Lower, Arm and Foot) [Rampart Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 Rank 9 Armor (Upper, Lower, Arm and Foot) [Stone of Pan’gu – 4 Slots]

+10 Class ★★★Rank 9 Ring
+10 Class ★★★Rank 9 Baldric [Wind Stone V Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 Arcane Exotic Chaos Belt [Wind Stone V Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 Solid Exotic Chaos Belt [Wind Stone V Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 Arcane Celestial Resonance Ring [Wind Stone V Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 Solid Celestial Resonance Ring [Wind Stone V Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 ★★Catastrophic Skystriker [2 pcs]
+10 ★★Cataclysmic Skystriker [2 pcs]
+10 ★★★Soaring Wing [Wrath Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 ★★★Soaring Wing [Rampart Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 ★★★Soaring Wing [Stone of Pan’gu – 4 Slots]
+10 ★★★Ascension Crown [Wrath Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 ★★★Ascension Crown [Rampart Stone – 4 Slots]
+10 ★★★Ascension Crown [Stone of Pan’gu – 4 Slots]
– The World –
Genie: Autumn / Spring / Summer / Winter [100/100 Random Attribute Points] own setup

Wu Xia characters will also have the following weapons in Storage:

+12 God of War Weapon Peach Tree Goddess (Maul) [Golden Soul Stone – 2 Slots]
+12 God of War Weapon Attain Buddhahood (Iron Fist) [Golden Soul Stone – 2 Slots]
+12 God of War Weapon Flow Into Eternity (Bladed Fist) [Golden Soul Stone – 2 Slots]
+12 God of War Weapon Beryl Cloud Crossing (Simple Blade) [Golden Soul Stone – 2 Slots]
+12 God of War Weapon Laugh Across the Divide (Spear) [Golden Soul Stone – 2 Slots]

Yao Jing characters will have Legendary pets hatched on their Pet Storage:

-lv.105 Son Goku
-lv.105 Enchanted Phoenix
-lv.105 Celestial Harpy
-lv.105 Sublime Titan

Fashion Set:

Male: Shinobi Set
Female: Kunoichi Set


Magical Platinum Amulet
Magical Platinum Heirogram
Coke (Recover 4000 HP over 10sec)
Sprite (Recover 5500 MP over 10sec)
Blessing Rice Cake (Recover 2500 HP and 2500 MP)
Image-Follow Medicine (Ignores movement-restricting effects. Increase MSpd by 100%. last 15sec.)
Medicine of Impolarity (Move freely. Immunity to barriers. Last 20sec.)
Fortification Powder (Usage will make you immune to all damage at the cost of movement. Last 12 sec.)
Silvertip Pekoe (Gain 2 Chi)
Shelter Syrup of Starlight (Greatly reduces physical and magical damage suffered. Lasts 20 sec.)

Ground Rules:

Note: Do not forget to activate PVP mode (Turn off safe mode) and uncheck the relevant “PVP only” boxes. You can also change the “Buff Only” settings to suit your play style.

Team Leader will be given 5 entrance ticket by the GM. Team leader is responsible for the distribution, if a character cannot receive the entrance ticket via trade, that character will not be allowed to enter the arena.

Players will enter their side of the arena by speaking with the Wolf Cub NPC.

Once all players have entered the arena, the GM will activate the buff timer. Players will have 120 seconds to buff up.

After the 120 second buff period, the barriers will go down, and the match will begin.

Once the match begins, both teams will have 300 seconds (5 minutes) to eliminate the opposing team. If both teams still have surviving members after 300 seconds (5 minutes), the “Time Over” signal will be given.

Players can’t use resurrection skills and Revival Scrolls in the arena. A team will be given 1 foul for every Revival Scroll discovered on a team member upon entering the Arena. If this fact is discovered immediately after the team of the offending character wins a round, the results of that round will be declared null and void.

Yu Xia skill Churning Vortex and Avatar of the Storm are not allowed.

Once the Time Over signal is given, players must immediately take their hands off the mouse and keyboard.

Players who have an opponent targeted when the Time Over signal is given must cancel their action and move away from any opponents before taking their hands off the mouse and keyboard (Press the Esc button three times). A player has 5 seconds to comply with this rule. Failure to comply will result in one (1) foul assigned per offending team member.


The tournament will be hosted in the EVENT Server.

All matches will be 10VS10 team elimination. Please see the Point System below for match scoring.

The match duration is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Players have 2 minutes to resupply between matches.

Match-ups will be determined on the spot and will be shuffled through

Point System:

A point is scored if a team wipes out the opposing team within the time limit.

A point is scored if a team has more surviving members after the time is up.

The first team to receive 2 points wins, will advance to the next round.

If both teams have the same number of surviving members after time is up, the match will end in a tie.

In the case of a tie, both teams will receive 1 point, with the following exception:

If a tie will result in both teams receiving 2 points, both teams will instead fight a Sudden Death match.

Sudden Death Match:

The Sudden Death match duration is 120 seconds (2 minutes).

The first team to kill a member of the opposing team wins the Sudden Death match and will receive 1 point.

If neither team manages to kill a member of the opposing team within 120 seconds (2 minutes), the result of the match will be decided with a coin toss.

Additional Rules:

  • Teams who do not have an opponent will advance automatically.
  • If issues arise that are not covered by the existing rules, the Tournament Judge or PW GM Team will decide on that matter. GMs decision is always final.
  • Only if there are 3 or more players have been disconnected will the match be stopped. The match will then be continued after the connection stabilizes with the remaining time and DPs from the time the match was stopped.




  • Php 10,000
  • 2 Supremacy (Bounded)
  • 5 Burning-Ramaed Dragon Ball
  • 5 Prismatic Dragon Ball
  • 5 Glory and Honor Badge
  • +1 Level or 1b EXP (10 characters)
  • 200k Fame (10 characters)
  • 10,000 Immortal Stones
  • 432 Lv 10 Crimson Soul Stones
  • 240 Lv 10 Mist Soul Stone
  • 720 Lv 10 Amber Soul Stones
  • 34,000 Songflow Ringstone
  • 1,730 Strongwind Badge
  • 368 Benevolence Seal
  • 170 Kunwoo Blade

1st Runner Up

  • 1 Supremacy (Bounded)
  • 4 Burning-Red Dragon Ball
  • 4 Prismatic Dragon Ball
  • 4 Glory and Honor Badge
  • 1b EXP (10 characters)
  • 150k Fame (10 characters)
  • 5,000 Immortal Stones
  • 216 Lv 10 Crimson Soul Stones
  • 120 Lv 10 Mist Soul Stone
  • 360 Lv 10 Amber Soul Stones
  • 8 R8 Armor Material Pack
  • 2 R8 Weapon Material Pack

2nd Runner up

  • 3 Burning-Red Dragon Ball
  • 3 Prismatic Dragon Ball
  • 3 Glory and Honor Badge
  • 1b EXP  (10 characters)
  • 100k Fame (10 characters)
  • 2,500 Immortal Stones
  • 108 Lv 10 Crimson Soul Stones
  • 60 Lv 10 Mist Soul Stone
  • 180 Lv 10 Amber Soul Stones
  • 4 R8 Armor Material Pack
  • 1 R8 Weapon Material Pack


(Reach at least 15 Points Minimum during the entire season)
3 winners of 12 pcs Xia Feng Commander Sword
3 winners of 16,000 Songflow Ringstone, 880 Strongwind Badge, 368 Benevolence Seal
3 Winners of 18,000 Songflow Ringstone, 850 Strongwind Badge, 170 Kunwoo Blade
3 Winners 14,000 Dragon Bloody Stone

Clan Scores

Update 12/11/2019: Deadline of registration and Final line-up (10 Member name and in-game name) added up to Dec 15, 2019.
Some registered clans have not named their representatives please finalize your registration before the deadline. 

Update 1/9/2020: Updated scoring which shows only Registered Clans for 10v10

Server: Sun

Server: New Moon

Last Scor Update: 1/13/2020
Congratulations to our Winners!

Server: Sun 

Server: New Moon  

You can message the official Facebook page for any questions, complaints or corrections.

In-game prizes will be given within 14 days of the event completion.

Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanics without prior notice

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