Perfect World: Everglace

Dec 13, 2021 | Notice

New Continent Unlocked – Everglace
New equipment – Cosmos Conduit
New Skills – Passive Skill
New Feature – League
New Currency – Gold Blade Token

War in the Everglace

The Everglace has long been tormented by war. Only players who have joined a League can enter. The Everglace can be entered at any time, and will be regrouped on Wednesdays.

Aggressive Operations will start periodically, dividing the Everglace into peacetime and wartime. During peacetime conflicts, the two Leagues will contend with each other around the Frozen Citadel at the center. Battle Cohesion can be gained from participating. During wartime, the League with higher Battle Cohesion will gather their full force and launch an offensive against the competing League in the Tundra Campaign. Players can also participate in this operation to help their League achieve victory.

When the event concludes every Wednesday, each player’s weekly contributions and the final Battle Cohesion of the two Leagues will be calculated. All participants will receive a reward of Gold Blade Tokens.

Service Contribution

During peacetime, players must make Service Contribution to their League. There is a cap to the amount of contribution that can be made each day. By completing activities that qualify as contribution, players will win Merit and Gold Blade Tokens.


Army Supply Raid

Army Supply Raid is a League quest that can be taken during peacetime. Players will venture deep into enemy territory, harvest rare minerals, and deliver them back to the Quartermaster.

Note: Enermy territory npc’s will have an attempt on killing you when you pass nearby

The player must pay 50 Service Contribution to take the quest “NR: Army Supply Raid” from the Quartermaster of their League;

The player must find Miracle Basalt Sand or Nether Blood Ore in enemy territory and harvest it in order to get three crates of army supplies. During transportation, each time the player is killed, one crate of army supplies will be dropped. The player can recover the dropped supply crate and resume transporting it.

If the player fails to recover a dropped crate within 10 minutes, the crate will disappear. If all three supply crates are lost, the quest will be failed. The player will need to manually trash the quest.

Players can also kill enemy players and take their supply crates. Each player can own at most five crates.

If the quest is failed and is manually trashed, the paid Service Contribution will be refunded. If the quest is trashed the next day, the Service Contribution will not be refunded.

The Army Supply Raid quest will take up a large portion of Service Contribution, but due to its high risk, it will reward a large amount of Merit and Gold Blade Tokens. More importantly, completing this quest will influence the two Leagues’ Battle Cohesion. The Battle Cohesion of both Leagues will be calculated based on the number of supplies handed in by the players. If Battle Cohesion is gained by one League, it will be lost by the other, and vice versa.

World Events

World Events are the collective sum of smaller conflicts. So far, the respective conflicts include Amethyst of Dawn, Icefield Standoff, Logistic Priority, and Crossing Path.

Available from 16:00 – 23:00 at every sharp hour during peacetime (8 sessions per day). Each World Event lasts at most 15 minutes.

Win/Lose Conditions: There is no definite winning or losing in these World Events. Each session starts with the two sides at the default score of 1500:1500—the sum of the two sides’ scores will be fixed at 3000. Players must try to attain a higher score for their League while reducing the score of the opposing League.

Note: Maximum rewards for these events are 2700 Merit and 2700 Gold Blade Token.

There are different scoring rules for different World Events. Rewards will be given based on the final score once a session ends.

The final score of both Leagues will be added to their respective Battle Cohesion

Event qualification buff.

Participation and Rewards

When a World Event session is active, any player who enters the event area or gets within a certain radius of the target location will automatically become a participant. Upon participating, the player will gain 50 Service Contribution, and rewards will be provided once the event ends. After participating in a session, even if the player logs off, they can still collect the reward for the session within one week, and the Service Contribution given will not be lost.


Military Order Board

The Military Order Board is a list of quests that players can complete for their League. Those who do not enjoy PVP can choose to make contributions this way.

From 16:00 to 24:00 every day except Tuesday, six different Military Order Board quests will be issued by the Commanders of both Leagues. Three will be displayed by default. (A player who has joined a League for the first time and for less than a day must spend 100k Silver Coins to refresh the Military Order Board before they can take the quest. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can choose to take the quest from the Military Order Board the second day.)

Players can spend 100k Silver Coins to refresh the Military Order Board to get their desired quest.

To take a Military Order Board quest, you need to pay 20 Service Contribution. If you have insufficient Service Contribution, you will not be able to take a quest. If you trash a Military Order Board quest within the same day, the Service Contribution will be refunded.

Completing a Military Order Board quest will give you a reward of 200 Merit and 200 Gold Blade Tokens.

Military Order Board quests don’t affect Battle Cohesion.

Grand League War

Qualification ‘buff’

Event qualification buff.

Arctic Expanse Scramble

Participation: This event doesn’t require Service Contribution. You can enter the battlefield during the event to take the reward quest for the current session.

Available from 20:20 to 20:50 every Wednesday to the following Monday. The weekly quests will be refreshed every Wednesday.

Win/Lose Conditions:

When a League occupies all 10 territories (all 10 flags are captured), it wins.

If neither League can occupy 10 territories within 30 minutes, then the session will end, and the League that owns more territories wins.

If the two Leagues own the same number of territories when the battle ends, the League with the higher number of kills will win.

Battle Reward:

The rewards for Arctic Expanse Scramble contain two parts:

Players who have participated in the event and won will be rewarded with 3000 Merit. Those who lose will receive no reward.

Players who win in this event for the first time every week will win extra rewards: Soul Guide Incense x1, Soul Sunder Elixir x2, Soul Split Panacea x5.


Tundra Campaign

Event qualification buffs.

Main article: Tundra Campaign

Participation: From 10:00 to 20:00 on Tuesdays, players can hand in the army supplies they have gathered from the previous week to the Arms Manager of their League to increase their Armament Level.

Available from 20:00 to 22:00 on Tuesdays. The two Leagues each have 6000 starting points.

Points can be won by: destroying the enemy Arrow Tower, Barracks, or Workshop; killing enemy Apostle/Legionnaire/Warlord; and killing the Supreme Commander. The number of points provided will differ depending on the accomplished action.

Win/Lose Conditions:

When your own buildings are destroyed, or when your NPCs are killed, your League will lose points.

When either Eldros the Frost Emperor or Ian the Water Apostle is killed, the Tundra Campaign will end.

Battle Reward

When the Tundra Campaign ends, both Leagues’ points will be converted into Merit and Gold Blade Tokens at a ratio of 1:1 and rewarded to players who have gained 10 layers of Arctic Warfare status. The Arctic Warfare status can be gained by killing enemy NPCs, destroying enemy buildings, or fighting in the battle area.

The final points of the Tundra Campaign will be multiplied by 8 and added to the Battle Cohesion.

Cosmos Conduit

Allows players to strengthen their characters by unlocking nodes to obtain a variety of stats such as attack, defense, and HP.
It is available for all players that can access the Everglace.

Obtaining a Cosmos Conduit

Players that have reached Reawakening II, level 105, Divine, and Royal Sky I and have picked a League can enter the Everglace to obtain a Cosmos Conduit from the Cosmos Cartographer in the Divine Defenders campsite (260 544) or the Imperial Vanquishers campsite (539 548). The Cosmos Conduit interface can be accessed by pressing Ctrl and left mouse click. If a player loses their Cosmos Conduit, they can buy a new one from the Cosmos Cartographer for 10000000 silver coins.

Cosmos Conduit Books

Cosmos Conduit Nodes

There are three types of nodes on the Cosmos Conduit.
The first type is the Leyline Nodes which are numbered and are the equivalent of levels or tiers. Each Leyline Node gives access to a new set of nodes and leylines from which players can obtain stats.
The second type of node is a neutral node that does not give stats.
The last type of node grants stats and is always located at the end of a leyline.

Node Exploration

Once players have accessed the Cosmos Conduit interface, they will see a leyline with numbered nodes called Leyline Nodes.
For every level/Node you will need a certain amount of Soul Split Panacea to unlock the next one in line.

Hold the button to continuously imbue. Leyline Nodes that are yellow-colored indicate that they are active. Clicking on an active Leyline Node will bring up a new window with a new set of nodes from which players can obtain stats.

Activating Nodes

Players can activate nodes by clicking on the Node Exploration button at the bottom right corner of the interface. Node Exploration will then consume a Soul Split Panacea to activate a node. Players can repeat this process until they reach a node that grants stats.

There are multiple nodes located on various leylines. When a node is located at a crossroad of leylines, the direction of the next node is dictated by a percentage. Players can use Soul Guide Incense or Soul Nail Disc to increase the odds in favor of their desired node. In order to use the Soul Guide Incense, players can drag and drop the item in the empty slot at the bottom right corner of the Cosmos Conduit window. Afterward, they can click on the node they wish to get. This will change the percentages to increase the odds in favor of their desired node.

Resetting Nodes

If the nodes’ leyline has taken a direction the player is unhappy with, they can use a Soul Sunder Elixir to reset their progress and go back to the starting node or they can use a Soul Cleanse Lotion to reset back to the previous node. In order to use the Elixir or the Lotion, the player has to click the Soul Sunder button at the bottom right corner of the window while having the Elixir or the Lotion in their inventory.

Replacing Nodes

Once a player has activated a node which grants stats, said node will remain active even if the player resets the entire leyline. Each leyline can only have one active node with stats at any given time. When a player resets the leyline and reaches a new node, they have the option to swap the old active node for the new one by pressing the Soul Conversion button at the bottom left corner of the window. Soul Conversion does not require and does not consume any materials.

Leyline Reading

Players can level up their Cosmos Conduit and unlock Leyline Nodes through a method called Leyline Reading. The Leyline Reading is located at the bottom left corner of the interface window. Leyline Reading will consume Soul Split Panacea and fill up the Leyline Reading EXP bar on the left. When the bar is full, the Cosmos Conduit will successfully level up and unlock the next Leyline Node.

There is a small chance that a Flash of Insight will be triggered and immediately activate the next Leyline Node before the EXP bar is full. The chance to trigger a Flash of Insight is displayed at the bottom of the interface window. The higher the level of the Cosmos Conduit is, the lower the chance to trigger a Flash of Insight will be.

Every 10 levels the page of the Cosmos Conduit will change to reveal a new set of Leyline Nodes along with a different background picture. Players can browse through the different Cosmos Conduit pages using the arrow located at the bottom right of the window.

Cosmos Conduit Materials

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The League window interface.

The League is a feature introduced in the PW Everglace expansion. It allows players to join the army of either the Divine Defenders or the Imperial Vanquishers and grants access to the Everglace where players can participate in a variety of events to obtain valuable items.


Divine Defender Guide in North Dragon City.

Imperial Vanquisher Guide in north Dragon City.

Players that have reached Reawakening II, level 105, Divine, and Royal Sky I are qualified to join a League. Players who have joined a Faction must wait until the Faction Leader joins a League. All Faction members must join the same League. Players who have not joined a Faction can freely choose to join either League. However, after joining a League, they can only join a Faction with the same League.


Players can join a League by talking to the Divine Defender Guide (549 676) or the Imperial Vanguisher Guide (548 676), both of which are located in north Dragon City. Once a player has joined a League, they will be able to access the Everglace via the Divine Defender Guide, the Imperial Vanquisher Guide or the Messenger of Time in every major city of the Midlands.


The League window can be accessed by opening the Character Info using the C key in game or clicking the character icon in the Control Panel to the bottom right of the screen.


Changing League

Players can choose to leave their current League and join a different one at the League Guides in north Dragon City. However, after joining a League there will be a 30-day cooldown period during which players cannot join a new League. Players can buy a Recommendation Letter from the Boutique to bypass the cooldown period and join a new League right away.


Faction Leaders that wish to change the League of their Faction can buy a Recommendation Token from the Boutique to do so. All members of the Faction must quit their current League and become neutral before the Faction Leader can change the Faction’s League.

If players leave their current League, they will lose their Merit but will keep all of their Gold Blade Tokens.



The base rules of the Everglace are different from those of other regions. The players’ allied or enemy relationships in their local servers will not apply in the Everglace.
Players from the same Faction will only be able to join the same League.

Players of different Leagues in the Everglace will have PvP automatically enabled. Players cannot party up with or complete quests with enemy players.

In the Everglace, the world chat channel will be replaced with the League channel. Messages sent in the League channel can only be viewed by players from the same League. However, you can still send chat messages to players of the enemy League via area channel or private message. Sending messages in the League channel will also cost a Teleacoustic.

If you die in the Everglace, you can choose to revive using a Resurrection Scroll, be revived by others, or revive at the nearest respawn point under the control of your League.

League Resources

Players can complete events, activities, and Military Order Board quests in the Everglace to win Merit and Gold Blade Tokens.

Merit measures the reputation you have gained for your League. It will affect the player’s Combat Grade.

Gaining Combat Grades will unlock higher grade items for purchase. Each time you gain a Combat Grade, you will also win a unique Title that can boost your Max HP.

note: Merit will not be consumed, but switching League will reset it.

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Gold Blade Token

Gold Blade Tokens are the currency used in the Everglace. They can be used to purchase special items and gear. Gold Blade Tokens will not be lost when switching League. your Gold Blade Token amount can be viewed by opening the Character Info window with the C key, and then clicking on the “League” button at the bottom of the window. Also NPC’s with a buy/sell option will display your Gold Blade Token amount at the bottom of the window.

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New Passive Skill

New passive skills are now available. Elemental Force increases your skill damage and magic attack, while Dark Emperor’s Power increases your skill damage and physical attack. To learn these skills you must be at least level 105, reach the Divine cultivation and have a Boundary of Royal Sky X.

The skill books for these passive skills can be crafted at Darkskin Menson in Snowfall Village on the midland.
Currently you can only craft the basic versions of these passive skill books; the advanced versions of the skill books will be acquirable in a future update.


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