Perfect World: King of the North

Dec 20, 2021 | Events, News

The battle for the Northern Real heats up to a boiling point even in the early days of the war! Can you stand among the ruins and carcasses of battle and claim the title of the King of the North?

Activity I

  1.       Play all the Everglace’s World Events the Arctic Expanse Scramble on December 20, 2021.
  2.       Get the highest accumulated Merit during the day and reach Rank 1 on the Everglace’s Ranking Board.


Prize Per League:

– PHP 10,000
– Transcendence Orb

Note: In case of a tie, the cash prize will be shared evenly and the Transcendence Orb will be raffled in between them.

Activity II.

  1.       The rank 1 of both leagues on the first week of Everglace (December 28, 2021) will battle for the title of the “King”. This will be a 1v1 between the Rank 1 of the Divine Defenders and Imperial Vanquishers!
  2.       Rank 1 of both leagues will appoint 1 undercard from their leagues, these appointed undercards will also battle for the pride of their League.
  3.       In case of a tie, a tie breaker will be played in between the leaders of that particular league before declaring the Rank 1.


– Battle between the Rank 1 and the appointed undercards will be held in the Cloud Rambling Arena. No Restrictions rule will be implemented.
– Appointed under cards should be a different person and character from the Rank 1 of different Leagues.
– Rank 1 of both leagues, together with their appointed under cards, will have to submit a Valid ID for verification purposes. (Also, a requirement for the cash prize)


King of the North:

– PHP 10,000
– Moonstone of Punishment
– King of the North Title

Winning Under Card

– PHP 5,000

FAQ: Joining a League

  1. Go to Dragon City North to join any League you want
  2. Then Select “Personal: Join Imperial Vanquisher or Personal: Join Divine Defender”
  3. A member of a clan cannot join any League if the Clan Master did not register the Clan to any League. (Possible option if Clan Master is not present, you can leave your clan for the meantime.)
  4. A member of a clan cannot join an opposing League based on what the Clan Master’s registered.
  5. A player can only transfer a League after 30 days.

*Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics. The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.

In compliance with Republic Act No. 10173, the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the data collected by the Perfect World Team shall only be used for its intended purpose, for verification of participants. This is to assure you that the data collected will be kept confidential and only accessed by the authorized personnel of the Perfect World PH.

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