Player of the week 15

Player Name: Czerby Bautista
Character Name: Athenaa
Server: Chimera
Class: Yu Ling
Clan: Sentinels
Month/Year started playing: 2013

Other Questions:
When did you start playing Perfect World?
I started playing perfect world when I was 18 back in 2013.

Why do you love Perfect World?
I love perfect world because of its graphics and the in game fashions which allowed my character to be a virtual embodiment of my real life personality.
PW is also special to me because it served as an avenue for meeting new friends which later on turned into people whom I can call my best friends and family. *cheezy*

Where do you usually hang out in-world?
I usually hang out in primal world because it’s where all the dailies are done , and I always wait for the sky pirate drake to appear .
But if it’s not time for that kind of stuffs I always stay in Dragon City West. Besides being the only market place in Chimera server ,
it is also where the duels happen and you get to interact with people, and out in the suburb is where the PVP heppens hohoho

What are the features that you like best in the game?
definetely the editing of the characters apperance .

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
my favorite monster is my friend BerJo hahaha jk.
my favorite place is Wave City, because of its aesthetic . I always take photos there ^_^

Your dream achievement?
my dream achievement is to have nuema portal set of cards * oha! dream high pinay*
or to Win PCW someday with my Team (sana sila padin ka team ko. sana ako nalang ulit, char!!! )
or mapaisa man lang sakin kahit isa sa mga crush ko jusko . ( kaya ba gawan ng paraan yun GM? EME!)

Your accomplishments?
having to finish the arcane I – astral X in just 2 months in game
and placing 3rd in 3v3 tournament ( vs our other team mates placing 1st and 2nd ) back in 2013
AND training the 2017 PCW Champions HAHAHA

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?
The legendary kuya Em Bagasina . ( but he’s not playing anymore )
I also idolize the 2017 PCW Champions and my Team .

What is your most memorable in-world moment?
almost everything is memorable , but the one that stand out the most is the time when all the server merged and the PK was massively fun ! ( buhay na buhay PW nun hahaha )
or when my crush(es) notices me ganyan .

Most embarassing in-world moment?
nothing much, but I think there’s this one time when we were looking for Drake ( di yung rapper ah ) I found it then I realized that I don’t have a Party Summon in my inventory. lol

What made you choose your class?
I got inspired by my sister who is also a YL. And i love supporting people .

Who’s your Perfect World crush?
many to mention HAHAHA promise ang dami talaga di nyo kakayanin !

Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World?
keep dreaming guys what seems to be impossible is possible . charot !!!
eto wait hahahaha… kidding aside ,
yes anything is possible in this game just be industrious about almost everything to be strong to beat those you get intimidated by.
And practice makes perfect , duel lang ng duel , pk lang ng pk . Don’t be shy to ask and to learn . Wag magpapa dala sa trashtalk, unang mapikon talo. The game is just a game at the end of the day.
At ang pinaka mahalaga sa lahat wag nyo kakalimutan nakalagay sa baba ng launcher ” do not use third party program . do not hack, scam or cheat . pay attention to your health. pay attention to your life”
candidate number 3 , and I thank you .