Player of the week 18.2
Player Name : Butch Cablao
Character Name : YvonnED
Server : Phoenix
Class : Wu Xia
Clan : Hero
Month/Year Started Playing: October 4, 2009

Other Questions:
When did you start playing Perfect World?
I started playing PWPH when I was at High School (2nd Year) year 2009. That time I was already happy with 3-Star equipments, Polar Bear (not upgraded) as mount, and finding NPCs that time was time-killer because there was no auto-path system.
I stopped playing 7 years ago, then I resumed last April 2017.

Why do you love perfect world?
I love Perfect world because the game is my perfect mix of Downer & Ecstasy. Every time I play PW (even now) I always get the feeling of excitement, chill, discontentment, shock, disappointment and happiness. Sa sobrang enjoy sa game ganito po ako makipag duel:
(Sabay sa chant ang pagbigkas ng Skill! 90s KID kasi haha)

Where do you usually Hang-out?
Back in 2009, my favorite spot was at Mirror-lake for PK. Now it’s at Sword City because it was Jessyca-Yuling (Gio) and Clanary-Jian Ling (Claire) who added me to their circle of friends who hangs-out at Sword City. Actually I found them during my first log-in last April (I recognized Clanary because she was the POTW that time haha).

What are the features that you like best in the game?
Character progression and customization, PvP system, the challenge in grinding, and mostly the social aspect.

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
Poison Toad Juggernaut. Soooo Happy whenever I get Poison Toad Juggernaut in Penglai dailies instead of dealing with the runner mob – Miserable Slave. Huhu.

Your dream achievement?
Someday I want to see our clan become one of the top 10 Guilds on Phoenix Server. For personal achievement, R9 Gears!

Your accomplishments?
My goal really is not to climb up the individual rankings ladder, but to have as many in-game friends as I can by being there to help them. In that sense, I can say I’m pretty accomplished na po but still got work to do.

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?
1. Mark_Mark – a.k.a StunLock God. He showed me how to play Wu Xia. My first WX Idol.
2. Clanary – because she has been featured as POTW that’s all haha. Kidding aside, she’s very helpful and she always has something to say (though most of the time “HAHAHAHA” lang talaga).
3. Jessyca – for being Mr. PWPedia haha. Running encyclopedia of PW hahaha
4. Drexler – he can simultaneously play PW and watch Harriet Sugar***** at the same time hahahahaha lol.
5. Aster – he can bully your character and end your duel with just 2 hits most of the time, but he’s ready to help all the time. 6. hakazet – for always sharing his fantasies with his Bestfriend & Ex-GF. HAHAHA
7. Jimbei00 – for confessing that he’s gay.
8. [NicoLe] – for being the prettiest in our GC and sexiest during videocalls hahahaha.
9. ryahj22 – a.k.a. Mr. Seen. For having the most number of seen messages without replying. Haha
10. Doraa – because I’m her partner Boots (nagquit nap o si Doraa huhu)
11. CaseyYves – for offering free SUNDAE on our EB this July 2!!! HAHA
12. Aamon – a.k.a Mr. Helper of Hero Clan. This guy is on par with me when it comes to Hugot Lines.
13. RocherT – this guy is very skillful in PK. He teaches me thru duels including Hokage Moves. Haha.

What is your memorable in-world Moment?
When I managed to defeat Mark_Mark in a duel after he thought me his secret combos in WX to WX duel.

Most embarassing in-world moment?
When I told my clanmates that I’ll be messing with the daily auction/bidding event. Instead of ending up annoying someone and making his expenses go higher, I entered a very OP gold bid HAHA. My clanmates were on ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) UNTIL someone dropped a more OP bid 2 mins before the 15minute countdown ends! HAHA! Learned my lesson never to mess with the daily auction event.

What made you choose your class?
I chose Wu Xia because I believe that wielding 4 weapon types is the COOLEST THING in the game (mas maraming Espada mas Maganda haha). I love my class being so versatile and the idea of being a Mob/Group Controller really makes you a Hero in some way – helping dying allies, being the secondary tank when primary tank dies, and the best is controlling enemy groups during TW (Stun+WOH+Takbo hahahaha).

Who’s your perfect world Crush?
Clanary, Pinang, and Tzuyu (Hero Clan Girl Gamers). Nikzzz wala ka dito wag ka umasa. Haha J

Any message to the heroes of Perfect World?
In an MMORPG world, the hardest thing to achieve is to be unique or stand-out amongst your class group. Just be yourself, create your own battle style, love your character and in-game comrades and at the end of the day, you’ll have a Perfect World.