PPXP 2022 Attendance

Dec 17, 2022 | Notice

Happy Holiday Heroes!

To all attendees who will watch our Live Stream. Kindly follow the instructions below in order to receive some great prizes!

War avatar chest: S
Soul cleanse lotion 1
Soul nail Disk 1

1. Register your character to our form. (Link: https://bit.ly/PWppxpRegistration2022)
2. Complete all the questionnaires.
3. Take a picture of you watching the Stream.
4. Once for has been completed please comment the following on the Livestream post:
– In-game Name:
– Server:
– Comment “Done” #PPXP2022
– Tag 3 friends.

In addition to the prizes mentioned above, a special raffle will be drawn on December 21, 2022 for all attendees of the Livestream. Please make sure to complete all instructions for you to be included in the raffle.

See you there Heroes. Enjoy and have fun!!

Here are the list of items to be drawn for the PPXP attendance.

50 Blue Sea mystical Crest
49 Monsoon
48 Transcendence Orb
47 Prismatic Dragonball
46 Dull Dragonic Essence 1
45 Dull Zenith Skull 1
44 Vanguard Emblem
43 Matchless Wing
42 Twilight Armor Chrono Pack
41 Twilight Pants Chrono Pack
40 Twilight Boots Chrono Pack
39 Twilight Bracers Chrono Pack
38 Blue-Sea Dragon Ball
37 Soul Split Panacea Pack (Soul Split Panacea – 1000)
36 Soul Split Panacea Pack (Soul Split Panacea – 1000)
35 Nine-Star Dragon Ball
34 Blue-Sea Dragon Ball
33 Spirit Chisel 1000
32 Nine-Star Dragon Ball
31 Arcstar Dust Material Crate
30 Arcstar Dust Material Crate
29 Mount: Mouse of treasure
28 Divine Flight·Dominant Light
27 Spirit Chisel 1000
26 Divine Scroll
25 Twilight Armor Chrono Pack
24 Twilight Pants Chrono Pack
23 Twilight Boots Chrono Pack
22 Twilight Bracers Chrono Pack
21 Omega Soul Stone
20 Omega Soul Stone
19 Eight-Star Dragon Ball
18 Eight-Star Dragon Ball
17 Seal of the Board x2
16 Seal of the Board x2
15 Ivory White Dye10
14 Ivory White Dye10
13 Ebony Black Dye10
12 Ebony Black Dye10
11 Garnet Red Dye10
10 Garnet Red Dye10
9 Bell of Garment
8 Bell of Garment
7 Bell of Garment
6 Royal Glow Fan
5 Royal Glow Fan
4 Royal Glow Fan
3 Dragon Tamer Lasso
2 Dragon Tamer Lasso
1 Dragon Tamer Lasso


The GM Team may revise and amend these mechanics, if necessary, at its own discretion.
In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
For questions, you may message the official Facebook page.

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